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YMC Tint Bridge Pin+String Winder Plus Nut Saddle Set for Acoustic Guitar, Black & Ivory, 6 Piece


6pcs Black Bridge Pins+ 6pcs Ivory Tint Bridge + Pins 1pcs String Winder(random color) + Ivory Tint Nut and Saddle set. This is a great complete set for your acoustic guitar.

Product Features

  • Complete bridge pin acoustic guitar set
  • 6 black bridge pins
  • 6 Ivory bridge pins
  • Nut saddle set
  • String winder

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Conrad L. Jackson says:

Great string winder. Adequate pins, nut and saddle. I was satisfied with the overall quality of the pins and especially the string winder. The price was a major selling point for me and I’m glad I took the $5 chance. The pins are adequate and basic, like what you would get on a brand new decent budget acoustic. The plastic looks inexpensive and is not particularly durable as expected. Really I just needed some new pins for a guitar I was selling and these were great. And for all the people complaining about the pins not fitting, no not all…

Teresa Markos says:

The winder is nice, but the pins are worthless

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