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WINGO Wooden Guitar Capo for Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar,Bass,Ukulele- Rosewood with 5 Picks



***HIGH PERFORMANCE – Stays in Tune with a Great Intonation in All Frets.

***EASY TO MOVE – Super Fast to Change Between Frets. It Fits Perfectly Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Ukulele, Banjo, Folk Guitars and Mandolin

***NO SCRATCHES – High Quality Silicone Pad Will Protect Your Instrument Against Damage

***NO FRET BUZZ – It uses a mechanical steel spring with internal memory to provide strength and fatigue resistance.


Material: Aluminum alloy, Rubber

Package: 1*Guitar Capo

Size: 8.0*7.8 *1.2 cm /3.2*3.1* 0.47 In

Product weight: 1.2oz

WINGOMUSIC is committed to give customer an excellent shopping experience ,if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us., We will reply you in 24 hours. In every customer relationship, WINGOMUSIC strives to be a trusted partner and seek to achieve customer satisfaction.

Product Features

  • ✔︎Quick Release : super easy to clip on guitar and quick to change. It can even change keys during a song,just clamp it and let your song fly.
  • ✔︎Versatile: this capo can suit your acoustic electric 6-string guitar ,banjo,mandolin or ukulele well.
  • ✔︎No Buzz :perfectly balanced pressure for that clear tone with strong spring.
  • ✔︎Well Made:much thicker silicone pad protect your guitars from scratches or demage. High-Grade aluminum alloy for better lock and long time use.
  • ✔︎What you get: Unique beautiful wood finish capo with 5 medium picks. Rock & Roll with this capo,and it comes with lifetime warranty.

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Mrs Fant says:

Very nice and sturdy for a good price.

Mr Niko says:

Great acoustic capo

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