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VOX AP2CL Amplug 2 Clean Electric Guitar Amplifier


Offering the easiest way to enjoy true analog amplifier sound in your headphones, the amp lug 2 headphone amplifiers from VOX sound better than ever. These compact amps feature fully analog circuits that mimic some of the most sought after sounds in the history of guitar amplification. For the first time ever, the amp lug 2 series includes nine selectable effects for guitarists and nine built-in rhythm patterns for bassists.

Product Features

  • No need for a Guitar Cable! plug it directly into your Guitar!
  • The fully-analog circuit; nine selectable effects or rhythm patterns
  • Available in blues, clean & lead models!

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John K. says:

Check this out, the JamVox

M. Caouette says:

Best tool for New bass players

BWK says:

Worth the price. This is the one you want for your bass. Two years ago, I bought a different headphone amp: . I paid $11.11 for it. I can plug it in between my bass and headphones and hear myself. I thought that was all I needed–just to hear myself for practicing. But it really sounds like crap and it was not specifically for a bass.So, last week I bought this Vox unit…

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