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Vandoren SM822E T6 V16 Ebonite Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece


The V16 Series is the new jazz standard. The mouthpieces were inspired by the sounds of the greatest jazz players from the fifties to present day. Available in soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones.

Product Features

  • Versatile mouthpiece with a long facing and a particularly rich sound
  • Tip Opening – 250 (1/100mm)
  • Long Facing
  • Works best with Vandoren #2.5-#3.5 Reeds

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Anonymous says:

Good for a fat sound, but try a Java for best overall sound.

Anonymous says:

I found this MPC great for big band section work – great sound and intonation. I have tried this mouthpiece on my Yamaha 62III and my naked lady. On yamaha it works really well. sounds bright. clear and sound-full and good intonation. However on my naked lady, I couldn’t get a good intonation and tone. I prefer dark tone and couldn’t make the dark tone that I like on this mouthpiece. However, overall quality and the tone it makes is wonderful. It is very consistent and you can feel the craftsmanship of this mouthpiece. I would recommend it but also warn you that try it…

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