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Top 10 Disturbed Guitar Solos

6 and a half minutes of Dan Donegan’s badass solos. Can you handle the awesomeness? NOTE: This is MY Top 10 list. Probably some of you won’t like the order. …

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Wayland Pressley says:

My favorite guitar solo ever is by far torn´╗┐

VideogameChicken1 says:

3. The Animal 2. Inside The Fire 1. The Infection

Jitsa Sonowal says:

dan= m/ ……luv disturbed ….

MathewJC25 says:

1. The Infection 2. Indestructible 3. The Night 4. Inside The Fire 5.
Sickened 6. 3 7. Torn 8. Stricken 9. ISHFWILF 10. Perfect Insanity

DarkKnight1408 says:

@IMiss2K7 I like Inside the Fire too because of the bass. It’s so…
orgasmic xD

Antoine Trahan says:

torn :0

Brice Tyrrell says:

haha, the entire time i’m sitting here thinking, “there is no way in hell
he didn’t put the night on here”. and after each song i kept getting ready
to post about it. nice list, personally i wouldn’t have my child on here.
but thats just me.

Dan Jones says:

Personally inside the fire is favorite guitar solo because of the bass drop
-:( but nice list

GrandKingAwesome says:

I love that inside the fire guitar solo :)

Dan Jones says:

Before watching im gonna guess a few, facade, inside the fire,
indestructible, and.. Meaning of life?

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