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Thinking out loud – Ed Sheeran – Guitar Lesson & TAB: Intro&Verse

Next Part: Check my gear: Hey my finest friends! In this Free online guitar lesson you…

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Your Guitar Workshop says:

Hi everyone, next parts for this tutorial are here:

ledgendary monster12 says:

damn this tut was so good :D, you my friend just earned a new subscriber :D

lizzy gotstyle says:

I haft to try this! People say its easy so I’ll try thank you for this btw
I have no experience with guitar so this should be interesting

Michael Rodriguez says:


Maurizio Marchesi says:

Sono un papa’ di due figli amo la musica ma purtroppo gli impegni
famigliari e di lavoro mi lasciano poco tempo.voglio ringraziare tutti voi
per il lavoro che svolgete e permettete di suonare pezzi con tabulati e
spiegazioni.grazie ancora da parte mia e credetemi anche di tanti
semplicemente come me’ .grazieeeee.

Gareth Evans says:

Awesome lesson as always Andre. More Ed Sheeran please…! I know everyone
around here appreciates it

Rosette Jin De Los Reyes says:

Nice tutorial, i’m searching for the best one and it brought me here. Keep
it up man. Thumbs up :D

Santiago Castillo says:

Very Awesome Tutor and you also seem friendly which is very important ,
Thanks Man !

Jenny Ram says:

Where’s the chorus?

Pudge The Butcher says:

Man this is the best tutorial i could find 

Jamie Cole says:

like it alot………… thank you

jorge sanchez says:

Awesome video, thanks a lot

Berni Tang says:

Could you please do a tutorial for this song that teaches you how to play
and sing it at the same time? I always stuff up the timing for the singing
and I can never get it right. 

vinton james says:

Hey I’m Jame and I found this channel just recently and I lo e the lil
blues lick goin on in this video! May I request a song? Its a lil song
called like a rolling stone-jimi Hendrix! I’m a huge Hendrix fan and I
would realty like a walk through with the way you teach the songs!
Tableture helps with the song and I like the style you play! Well that’s it
and hope to hear back from you sometime! And I’ll try to find the lessons
and stuff! Let me know when ever and if its possible!

Sinister Grin says:

I like it. Thanks a lot Sir :)))

r e d i i x says:

awesome lesson! btw its Multiply, not X :D

eloiseae says:

Hi, could you help me learning Inner Beauty by Connie Talbot?

GamerXian says:

I found this difficult… im so noob at this….

Arthur Espinosa says:

Where is the next lesson? This tutorial is sooo goood :D

Berni Tang says:

haha i thought the album was X too until my friends told me that it was
multiply. thanks for the lesson! it really helped me to play the song :)

Hektor Thomsen says:

Omg thank you thank you thank you! I have waited for this in a long While

Ben Rigmand says:

I still can’t learn

ImposterHD says:

I suuuuuuck

DuDu Zlimm says:

It’s multiply and the album came out this year :)

Divino John says:

isn’t there a lil mistake ??? the D5 shouldn’t be 2-3 instead of 1-3 and
the D/F# 2-2-3 instead of 1-2-3 ????

Михаил Данилов says:

Hi Andre! beautiful lesson I
like it!!! so how about Richie Kotzen-Wat if?

Aliki Kaiki says:

ya thinking out load…

Brix Villanueva says:

I cant find the whole TAB

kang rui says:

Please teach slower. I cant keep up and I have to rewind and rewind.

Your Guitar Workshop says:
maycouchpotato says:

live??? why live? :(

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