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The Piglet guitar build project, part 14


Moving on to assembly, which meant much measuring…

…drilling of holes…

…and even more measuring!

In the picture above we are determining the optimum position for the bridge before screwing it into place permanently. I had created a crude but effective device from some offcuts which is effectively a temporary tailpiece clamped to the rear-end of the guitar. This allowed us to align the bridge with the outer E-strings in place and ensure that both were going to be the correct distance away from the edge of the neck. With the strings taut we were able to make precise movements to the placing of the brdge until happy with it and then we marked the positions of the five holes where it is to be screwed down.

Unfortunately mistakes will happen, and gettting confused about which holes we were drilling – the screw holes or the strings-through-body holes – we managed to drill one of the screw holes right through the body. A silly mistake but all part of the learning curve. We’ll worry about disguising this later. (Hey, at least it’s on the back of the guitar!) As you can see we also drilled the holes for the strings to pass through the body and for the ferrules to be inserted.

Next we mounted the electrics, which basically means the volume control and putting the pickup into position which will be screwed down more permanently once we have all the strings on so we can align up the pole-pieces. Thankfully the pickup routing allows for some movement to let us do this.

Gunner hard at work doing a preliminary set-up on the guitar; in this picture he’s filing the nut slots.

Gunner commented on how easily the guitar intonated. Reckon all those precise measurements paid off.

Here I am having a little test play. First impressions are that it feels good.

We spent a while assessing the balance of the guitar before attaching the strap buttons. Hangs quite nicely on a strap. Is quite a heavy guitar, maybe 10lbs or so at a guess, but then it is quite big and is mainly solid poplar. Just as well I put in quite a few tone chambers or else it’d be heavier!

Here’s a photo of where we’ve got to at the moment. It’s not quite finished yet. The output jack is not yet wired up, and I still need to attend to the truss rod cover (I did have one but it split when trying to screw it into place). But we’re allowing it to settle in for a while before giving it another set-up, just picking it up occasionally for a little unplugged play.

The next post should be the final one in this series. I hope to include some video footage.

G L Wilson

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