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The Complete Guide to Playing Blues Guitar Book Two – Melodic Phrasing: Lead Guitar Melodic Phrasing (Play Blues Guitar)


Develop perfect phrasing in you blues guitar solos

“He’s just feeling it” is no longer an acceptable explanation of musical ability. This book breaks down melodic feel and phrasing into learnable skills.

Have you ever wondered how great blues guitar players develop such brilliant phrasing in their guitar solos? Have been told “He’s just feeling it” when you’ve tried to improve your blues phrasing skills? Are you frustrated by having the same 12 notes as your guitar heroes, but never managing to master their note placement?Are you held captive by licks, and find yourself limited by your blues guitar vocabulary? 

Complete Blues Melodic Phrasing is a unique guide to perfecting your phrasing on guitar. You’ll move away from rigid blues licks and discover a universe of emotion.

Learn to control your blues guitar phrasing, and discover infinite new blues soloing possibilities. 

Melodic Phrasing challenges our perception of how to learn blues guitar soloing.  No longer will you be ‘chasing licks’ around the fretboard; struggling because you couldn’t quite grasp the line you were reaching for.

In this book you will learn how to develop and control fundamental rhythmic fragments to create original lines and drive your blues guitar solo forward. By focusing on rhythm and phrasing, and developing these rhythmic building blocks, you’ll find true expression in your solos. 

This blues guitar book is about creating a natural, organic approach to developing your guitar soloing and learning to truly improvise, while breaking away from the prison of lick playing and scales.

The blues guitar soloing toolkit

Discover the true art of note placement in your blues guitar solosLearn to manipulate any rhythm to pull and push against the rhythm of a 12 bar bluesMaster call and response blues phrasing as you’ve never seen it beforeUnderstand when to bend, slide or hammer a note for the the most powerful effectLearn to manipulate the full range of the guitar neck to find new vocabulary and add intensity to your blues guitar solos. Discover how limiting certain aspects of your playing forces you to become an infinitely more creative blues player

Bonus A complete guide to bending in tune on the guitar

Bonus Hundreds of audio tracks and backing tracks to download for free

Blues guitarists all have the same 12 notes….

It’s how and when we play them that sets the masters apart from the amateurs. We all know it’s important to learn the licks and vocabulary of the musicians who we wish to emulate, but in order to develop a unique blues guitar style we must learn how to phrase our lines in a personal way.

Melodic Phrasing teaches you hundreds of ways to treat even the simplest blues guitar lines to make them your own. 

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“Among the things I like most about these books is that they’re laid out not like lessons, but more like practice routines. The emphasis is on getting the ideas into your fingers and ears, not just your head. A very refreshing approach”.

The complete guide to phrasing on guitar

After working through this book you will never run out of blues licks again; you will be able to create interesting, emotive, musical phrases whenever you want, and keep the audience coming back for more.

Buy it now and master your blues guitar phrasing today

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Anonymous says:

Awesome book! I’ve been purchasing guitar lessons, books, tapes, videos since the 80’s and came across some really great stuff…and this book is among the best! I absolutely love it! He doesn’t just give you blues licks to learn…he shows you step by step how to create your own. I can play many hard rock, metal blues solos that I learn from MP3s but I felt my own improvising was lacking. This and book 3 was exactly what I needed! Approaching solos from a rhythmic perspective alone is worth more than the $5…

Anonymous says:

This is a great book. I am an intermediate player who has primarily played Acoustic guitar. The book teaches you not just a series of “Licks” that you can memorize and emulate but also teaches and encourages you to create your own licks. It teaches you how to approach solos, not just how to memorize and monkey what someone else has done so that you can sound exactly like a million other guitar players. I have seen a number of method books and really like this one because it teaches you…

Anonymous says:

I am not a beginner as I have been playing rhythm guitars for 20 + years. However, this is my 3rd attempt at learning scales, blues and lead. Majority of this was info I already knew but I did take away some key things to remember I continue to work on my chops. Only suggestion I can make would be to somehow link the written samples to the mp3 audio so one can read and listen to the examples in real time instead of searching for the correct example. Other then that, I am looking forward into…

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