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The Complete Guide to Playing Blues Guitar Book One – Rhythm Guitar: Master Blues Rhythm Guitar Playing (Play Blues Guitar)


Easily Master Blues Rhythm Guitar

The Complete Guide to Playing Blues Guitar – Rhythm  gives you all the tools you need to play, understand and feel blues guitar rhythm guitar.

Are you struggling to play tight, grooving blues rhythm guitar?Do you want to master the chords, fills and licks that will make you sound like a blues guitar pro? Are you stuck in a rut with your blues guitar rhythm playing and want to reach the next level of creativity? 

Learn blues guitar, the musical way

The Complete Guide to Blues Rhythm guitar takes you on a journey from first principles to complete mastery of blues guitar. On the way, you’ll learn about every important blues guitar chord sequence, the 12 bar blues, the 8 bar blues and the 16 bar blues, plus a few unexpected twists and turns you’ll encounter. 

You’ll master the basic guitar chords, right through to some advanced substitutions and altered chord ideas that will add life and colour to your groove. But being a blues rhythm guitar player isn’t just about chords… so you’ll also learn plenty of blues guitar, licks fills and turnarounds to add to your playing to keep the blues alive.

Learn these essential blues rhythm guitar skills

The structure and basic chords of the bluesEssential blues guitar rhythms and playing approaches Open string riffs and “Chicago Style” patterns. Advanced “drop 2” chords you can play all over the neck Blues Guitar Licks, fills and turnarounds you can add to keep your playing fresh and exciting. Classic intros, outros and blues turn arounds that lock in tightly with the groove

Bonus Hear it! Download over 150 audio examples so you can hear the music in action

Bonus The Complete guide to rhythmic chord placement. Learn how less really can be more

Every aspect of great blues guitar playing is covered, and builds from first principles to more advanced approaches like approach chords, shell chords and ‘drop two’ chord voicings. 

You will also learn classic turnaround progressions, ‘non-standard’ blues progressions and how to play with the appropriate stylistics. 

Hear the blues in action 

Understanding music isn’t just about reading books, so we’ve included over 150 professionally recorded audio examples so you can hear the music in action, plus, you can use our backing tracks to master your blues guitar grooves. 

Often, guitarists tend to quickly plateau when learning blues guitar. They get stuck with a limited range of riffs and ideas and quickly get bored and stagnant in their rhythm playing. To prevent stagnation, every element of great, grooving blues riffs is taught in bite-size chunks. By easily mastering the pieces, you will quickly create interesting, creative rhythm guitar parts and fills with ease.

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Buy it now to begin your journey to rhythmic blues guitar excellence.

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Anonymous says:

Great book I am making progress at last! I retired this year and learn to play the Blues Guitar was on the top of my to do list. I have been messing around with trying to learn to play the guitar for over 40 years. I have tried private lessons, books and videos but nothing has ever really clicked for me. After giving it a go I usually give up in frustration and my guitar returns to the deep recesses of my closet waiting for the next time I get inspired.I started by digging out my old materials and started watching…

Anonymous says:

Kindle format and Audio samples are great! I bought the Kindle edition based on the many great reviews of this and other Fundamental Changes books. I’m only into the first chapter, but this book has made an immediate improvement in my blues rhythm playing. I look foward to progressing through the rest of this series. The Kindle edition is very functional, unlike other music books that I have tried in that format. The audio samples can be downloaded from their website, unzipped on a computer. And transfered to your smartphone or tablet…

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