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The CAGED System and 100 Licks for Blues Guitar: Learn To Play The Blues Your Way!


-100 Top Quality Blues Licks-

-Complete Method To Learn the Guitar Neck-

-Over 1hr of Live Examples and Audio for FREE Download-

Whether you want a complete method to learn blues guitar or just a set of 100 excellent blues guitar licks, this book has you covered.

Most guitarists stay locked into the same patterns and scale shapes for years, unable to break out of the habits and licks they first learnt as a beginner. This leads to creative stagnation, boring solos and a sense that something will always be missing from their playing.

Ask yourself this: – When you solo do you normally go straight to your first pentatonic box shape?

- Do you normally play in a limited range of ‘easy’ keys, like A, E, G and C?

- Would you like to have complete freedom to visualize and play in any key, in any position on guitar?

- Do you only use minor pentatonic scales, or rarely use rich sounding modes to enliven your playing?

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes then this book is definitely for you.

This book helps you spread out your playing all over the guitar neck. It frees you from playing the same ideas over and over again. This book spurs creativity by opening up the neck and most importantly, it teaches you an incredibly strong visual method to ‘hang’ scales and licks off 5 easy to remember chord shapes.

The CAGED System for Blues Guitar covers both Major and Minor Pentatonic Scales, The Blues Scale and The Mixolydian Mode. With 25 licks for each scale covering all 5 positions, you’ll never be short of something interesting to say on your instrument.

Contained within are the tricks and secrets that professional guitarists use to unlock the neck and always have something new to play. The most important concept is the CAGED system and it helps you to see the fretboard like the back of your hand and to easily play in any key in any position.

This isn’t a book just about scales. There are over 100 blues guitar licks in different styles that you will memorise easily, and can form the basis of your new, improved solos. You’ll learn to hang these off each chord shape, so wherever you are on the guitar you’ll never lose the groove.

Each lick is demonstrated with an individual audio example which you can download for free from – There is over an hour of audio included and 8 tailored backing tracks. This is the method taught at the London College of Music’s Guitar Institute and I’m very happy to share these powerful concepts with you in my book.

Have fun, and good luck!

Joseph Alexander

BA Honours, Dip.HE

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B. Mann "Blues Magnet" says:

Perfect for me, and quite possibly, you… I started playing at 15, put in many hundreds of hours on worthless, stumbling in the dark (pre-internet) “practice”. I plateaued fairly quickly because I always tried to play WAY too fast and basically learned really well how to play sloppy, mistake-filled, unimaginative licks. I kept at it off and on for many years and then gave up about a decade ago.Fast forward to about a month ago. Now, at 45, I decide I’m gonna give guitar another go. I started watching youtube videos, reading…

Amazon Customer says:

Very Helpful for Exploring the Caged System This ebook provides a wealth of information about the caged guitar system. It provides diagrams of all the forms for chords and arpeggios, and gives ideas on how to apply it. Joseph also provides riff ideas for each form. I already knew a little about the caged system, but wanted more and found it here. You can hardly beat the price for all the insight here. You can also request a PDF after your purchase, which is quickly delivered. You can’t go wrong if you’re looking for more info in…

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