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Find out which guitar is the best one to buy if you’re a beginner. We head to Chicago Music Exchange to get an expert opinion on acoustics, electrics, and mo…

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Elizabeth Pioquinto says:

what about amps?

Inspire says:

Disturbing to watch a flagrant copy of idea channel presenting style. Good
content, but you need to be yourself.

kubz123 says:

I do not like black people.

Steve Layland says:

Around eight minutes of the commonest knowledge in the industry crammed
into a fifteen-minute hot-air balloon. I did learn that CME likes to sell
Epiphones and Squiers. Schecter and Michael Kelly are very competitive at
just under $300. Is there something about these guitars that makes them
inoptimal for a beginner?

Ruben Lodewijk says:

Yeah, there are much many marks of good Guitars. Ibanez, ESP, Lagg

Cameron LastName says:

Around the 4-5 minute mark if you were wondering

visho89 says:

As a beginner I think the moat important fact that wasn’t Mentioned I’m the
beginning was the Importance of low action. 

audiobeauty says:

I don’t like the term “beginner” guitar. Figure what kind of music you will
be playing, have an awesome guitarist friend who plays the style you like
accompany you to test guitars and take it from there 

xom400 says:

any guitar you like the look of
if it gets u excited to play ull play it more
u can worry about a expensive guitar when you can actally play

Consequence of Sound says:
flamingRose100 says:

there’s no “beginner guitar” yes there are those packs that are starter
packs but you can spend as much money as you want at some price range they
all just end up being the same just fancy but if you’re a beginner get what
ever you can afford but don’t break the bank you might hate guitar playing

Manuel Cordova says:

Wow, I could have made a sandwich while he was rambling for the
first four minutes about things NOT about which guitar to buy…

Joe Sorrentino says:

for me its something thats in my budget and it cant be a fender because
everyone uses those + i wanna play some thing not a lot people have played

ASG0919 says:

I had (and still do) an Epi LPJ. Wasnt bad at all. Rarely broke strings.
Intonation would go all wrong on the high e string, if the string got to
old. Only guitar that I’ve used in the past eight years that I still have.
Got mine for a hundred US dollars from Sam Ash Direct.

brianna hughes says:

I have a cheap Walmart student acoustic guitar that sounds very good.

daniel cullen says:

Epiphone AJ220! Best acoustic guitar you can buy for under 600 bucks! And
it’s only 169! Amazing quality :)

potatoheadhaoy says:

All I had was a 70-dollar strat clone (it says “Legend” on the headstock)
and an Aria amp.
Currently I have an Ephiphone Les Paul Ultra and a Gibson Les Paul Studio,
but honestly, contrary to what the guy says in the video, the cheaper
guitars have been getting better and better imo, although Epiphones used to
be high-end products back in the day, not the “cheap toys that look kind of
like Gibsons.” Don’t get me wrong, they aren’t bad, it’s just that the ads
that say “John Lennon used a Casino” are kind of deceptive. 

Alan Mclaren says:

Very Good Episode Sammy. I like how you are now in your Rock Professor
phase with the beard. Please add Bass/Keys/Persussion to the mix as well.
Also. What the good and bad dynamics there is to a Rock
Trio/Quad/Quintet/Sextet as well when it comes to bands. I have seen some
very powerful Trio’s. Even within a Quintet. It seems like there are two
styles. The AC/DC style where there is a distinct solo and rhythm
players, or the Judas Priest Style, where both players play lead and
rhythm and go back and forth which each other. 

battlep0t says:

I picked up a PRS SE as my first guitar and still play it frequently.
Wouldn’t say it’s in the beginner price range though.

ironman1000000000 says:

got a laguna guitar pack from guitar center for christmas probably five to
6 years ago it came with a line 6 amp and a cord and it’s the only electric
guitar that I own to this day. It’s pretty good, I’ve upgraded the amp to a
marshall but ya going through all the effects I have it sounds good and is

Guillermo Molina says:

The store manager looks like Jake gyllenhaal

Player0neGaming says:

my first guitar was a cheap £10 acoustic I picked up from a charity shop,
still play it to this day

Jack Mcwhat says:

how about not buy a first act guitar…from what i know…

Justin Smith says:

well teeth dreams have different meanings depends what kind of teeth dream
it is.

Alex Murphy says:

Great episode! I just bought a Pelham Blue Epiphone ES-355, Yes, im a grohl

Mindindreams says:

It probably shouldn’t surprise/annoy me so much but why does he only adress
men? Looking for some practical advice, I wasn’t expecting to be hit by all
those sexist assumptions… “Go get your gf this romantic cover album and
she’ll give you a sexual treat”.
Some constructive criticism: the word “partner” loses its diplomatic worth
when you follow it up with gender stereotyping.

Informative video nonetheless, thanks!

Miro March says:

I recommend a light guitar. I bought a Les Paul as my first, and oh god I
wish I had gotten something lighter. Fender’s (squire) are good guitars. So
are most Ibanez guitars are also really good.

Clay Knoll says:

He didn’t mention jack whites anoincement

James Fife says:

These little commercial break things are so unnecessary…

XoofBanefett says:

My first guitar (which actually belongs to my mom), was an acoustic ovation.
It wasn’t a great beginner guitar. But now that I’m more experienced, I
love it with all my heart. 

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