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Smartxchoices PINK 6 String 38″ Acoustic Guitar Bundle with Gig Bag, Strap, Pitch Pipe, Extra Strings Set and Pick for Beginners Starter Kids Girls Youths Students


Learning how to play the acoustic guitar is one of the best lifestyle choices you could make, and an excellent instrument to dedicate your time to – one that can lead to wonderful things.

To learn the instrument, as a beginner on a budget, buying something expensive is not necessary. Instead, it’s worth opting for a beginner’s guitar or a convenient and affordable combo pack.

Smartxchoices starter kit contains everything you need to get you up and playing instantly at a price anyone can afford.

Note: Please being careful to not over tighten any of the strings while doing so, and be patient. Once through all the strings, start back at the top and do it again – new strings will take several tunings over a period of at least a day or two before they are taught and can hold their tone.

-It comes un-tuned so be prepared to tune it.
-The strings are strong and sturdy and made of steel.
-The pitch pipe is very easy to use and doesn’t require any batteries.
-Easiest and cheapest way to satisfy a child that states they want to learn to play the guitar this week and then they move on to something else the following week.
Guitar Dimensions: 38″(L) x 14″(W) x 3.25″(H)
Weight: 4.7 lbs
Material: Wood
Case Material: Nylon
Color: Black/Blue/Pink/Natural
Includes a carrying case, guitar pick, pitch pipe, a shoulder strap, and an extra set of strings

Our goal is to provide all music lovers the best experience when it comes to guitars. We are continually evolving and inspired to create new instruments that cater to diverse musical genres. We work directly with our manufacturers to produce high-quality musical instruments for beginners and experts. Our target is to provide musical kits, with the best value available online, without sacrificing quality.We committed to providing only the best and highest level of service.

Product Features

  • Guitar Body Dimensions: 38″ L x 14″ W x 3.25″ H. 38 inch classic acoustic guitar is designed for young learners or women with a scaled down and compact body, offers excellent playing comfort. PACKAGE INCLUDES: a guitar soft case, a pick, pitch pipe, a shoulder strap and an extra set of strings, NO assembly required. Nice shiny pink finish, some floral decoration around the sound hole makes it decent and stylish, perfect first guitar combo set for any guitar beginners!
  • Complete 38 inch full size acoustic guitar which is full-bodied sound and sounds great with all wood construction, features 6-steel string. The slim neck provides a comfortable feel and excellent play ability, smooth finished surface maximizes resonance for optimal sound quality. Smooth tuning pegs help a lot for daily tuning.
  • Intended for right-handed users, the body features a 19 fret fingerboard to easy use. We recommend to get a Tune app on your phone when tune your guitar for a more accurate tune up or in case of that do not know how to use the pitch pipe at first. Guitar comes with a nice adjustable strap, it fits securely onto the strap pin on the body end of the guitar, and the other end is tied to the head side of the neck.
  • Containing everything the beginners needed in one box, the other small parts are in small boxes inside of the guitar box, please check them when you received a whole package. Got a defective or broken guitar? Please contact us and we will help you replace it! If you want to get a guitar for practice, learning, messing around with, this guitar is perfect for you! 1 year WARRANTY.
  • Warm Tips: Most guitars are shipped from the manufacturer with the strings loose in order to relieve tension on the neck and as to prevent string breakage during shipping. It takes a little time (maybe 24 hrs) for strings to settle and hold tuning. Its also important to stretch the strings so that they hold tune,stretching them properly can take days or weeks before they achieve optimal tension, thank you.

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Beautiful Guitar!!!

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It is perfect for a someone just learning

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