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Shubb Deluxe Series GC-30 (S1) Acoustic Guitar Capo – Stainless Steel


Shubb GC-30 Deluxe Acoustic Guitar Capo
Shubb capos are hand-made in the U.S.A from the finest materials available.

Product Features

  • Distinctive capo design that has been loved and trusted by musicians for over 35 years
  • Unique among adjustable capos, with Shubb you can “set it and forget it”- no need to reset the pressure with each use
  • Locking and removing is as simple as flipping the lever
  • Custom-made rubber works just like a fingertip and effortlessly keeps your guitar in tune
  • To learn more about this product, see our Product Description below

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Jay Keller says:

All in all, my favorite capo in the world, I own at least 10 of them! I have lots of capos of different kinds, including some Eliot capos which sell for >$100.But Shubb make the best all-around capo. Beautiful design, completely open on one side so it doesn’t interfere with the fretting hand as many capos do.- Easy to use- Indestructible- Adjustable clamping force to a pure tone- Small and unobtrusive- Reasonably priced so you can buy extras- Won’t damage guitar neck- Can be used in some locations as a…

Liberty Standard says:

After years of using various capos, this one is the best I’ve used! Small, durable, and easy to use. While this isn’t a “quick-adjust” capo where you can change its position literally as you’re playing, it does offer way more than the “quick-change” capos can.1. It is adjustable, which is its #1 feature. No more bending your strings to the point of putting them out of tune. As you move down the fret board, you can increase the pressure as necessary. As you move back up, you can decrease it. This capo allows you to provide just the…

MarkGuitar says:

Solid, Good Capo

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