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Rocket HZ5 Electric Guitar Humbucker Pickup for Gibson Les Paul Replacement (Neck&Bridge)


Product features:
Conductors: 4 Conductor
Format: Humbucker
It can get very good control in the high frequency region, the ending sounds seem so strong and full.
These are excellent Les Paul LP Parts.
Fit most guitar as a direct replacement.
Fully wax potted and sealed.

Product description:
Color: Yellow + Black
Material: Metal
Dimensions: 2.8*1.5*0.4 inches
Magnet: Alnico 5
DC Resistance: N:7.2K,B:8.4k
Weight: 185g

Package Include:
1* humbucker pickup with Screws

We have 8 years production of electronic guitar pickup experience, and we want to always make sure that our customers get exactly the item that they are looking for at the best quality. We believe the goal to which most music lover could aspire. So if you have any questions or ideas, please contact us directly.

Product Features

  • Wide Applicability: Compatible with electric guitars which can be installed humbucker pickup of the guitar
  • Magnet Type: Alnico 5. The pole spacing of Neck is: 10MM and Bridge is :10.4MM.
  • Baseplate: Custom etched nickel silver
  • Double-conductor wire,Coil Wire: 42 AWG enamel
  • Tonal Quality:Smooth,warm, clear sound with great vitality

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Luis Colarino says:

Very decent pickps I have installed these pickups in my Ibanez G10 that I had completely reworked and refinished. I was a little skeptical at first, but, why not try? Anyway, the result was very positive. The pickups have a nice and warm sound, they tend to deliver a lot more treble sound, that is, they provide a lot of high frequencies, especially in the bridge pickup. This is kind of obvious, several Dimarzios and Seymour Duncan do the same, depending on the model you select. If you use both pickups at the same…

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