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RIG NINJA 1/4 GUITAR CABLE for the Serious Musician, Quality Electric Guitar Cord for a Clean Tone to the Amp, Solid & Durable Instrument Cables that Look Great, Low Noise Cords for Guitars & Bass


Don’t Let Your Cable Be The Weak Link. Invest In Quality Today!

Rig Ninja Delivers Classic Vintage Style With The Confidence That Only A Quality Product Can Provide.

* Are you tired of your cables twisting and kinking?
* Sick of weak cables that break at the plug connections?
* Do you want a great looking vintage cable to compliment your guitar rig?

The Rig Ninja Guitar Cable is here to take your guitar set-up to the next level!

* Woven cloth exterior eliminates kinks and twists for a tangle-free performance.
* Heavy-duty gold-plated plug assembly safeguards the solder connections.
* For complete confidence in the connectivity of your guitar, strap solder joints are insulated from the plug barrels.
* PVC sleeve extending from the plug protects the cable and reduces strain on the plug connections.
* Stylishly woven cloth exterior adds vintage appeal while reducing wear and tear when on the road.
* Fits standard guitar, bass and amp 1/4 inch sockets.
* 7mm outer diameter cable, oxygen-free copper core.

Amazon Buyers trust Rig Ninja products for their Premium Quality. You are backed by Rig Ninja’s Lifetime Warranty!

At this price, these guitar cables won’t last. Click the ‘Add To Cart’ button now and experience the quality in just a few days time.

Product Features

  • 🎸 WHILE OTHER GUITAR CABLES hum and crackle when moved, produce poor tone or simply stop working, the Rig Ninja Guitar Cable is carefully constructed from quality components and individually hand-tested. The pF rating of about 27pF/ft allows a clearly transmitted signal and an uncolored tone. This means you can have CONFIDENCE IN YOUR EQUIPMENT while performing and a CLEAN, NOISE-FREE SIGNAL to your amp.
  • 🎸 NO MORE WORRYING ABOUT EMBARRASSING CABLE FAILURES or cable noise while performing. Our guitar cable is constructed and tested to the highest quality standards allowing you to focus on your playing with confidence and giving you the satisfaction of delivering your best performance.
  • 🎸 THE TONE “SWEET-SPOT”. Your guitar’s tone is crucial and you should not let it be affected by your cable. The wrong cable capacitance can change the tone of your instrument. The consensus suggests that the capacitance “sweet spot” is 20 to 30 pF/ft. Our guitar cable comes in at about 27pF/ft which means you get a clean, clear, uncolored tone transmitted from your instrument to your amp.
  • 🎸 OUR MISSION IS TO PROVIDE FIRST-CLASS QUALITY products and an excellent customer experience while inspiring music enthusiasts and professionals to deliver a masterful performance and to craft a sound they can truly be proud to own.
  • 🎸 LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY giving you peace of mind by knowing that you are covered if not completely satisfied with your purchase.

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Henry B. Tripp says:

I Had A Problem , It was solved so NO PROBLEM!! I originally ordered a 5 ft cable and then realized that I wanted a longer one so I ordered this one. When I used this very nice looking 10′ braided I keep getting that squealing feedback. Sometimes I can just more the amp around and it would stop. It was a pain to deal with. I had my original purchase HOSA Guitar Cable 5′ so I figured I would try it to see if that also gave me “the squeal”. Nope. No problem at all. The HOSA is a less expensive cable (the 10′ to replace this one…

Woof Woof says:

Rig Ninja, no, Rig Ghost, yeah… haunted, silent cable. When it works the cable is awesome, perfect… BUT it has a tendency to just drop and when it does drop, nothing brings it back. I can be playing and then all of a sudden, complete silence. I check my connections, power the amp off, power back up, and still nothing.I have tightened the cable’s jackets, tried it on another guitar, on another amp, and nothing, no sound, no buzz, silence…I will plug it in the following day and it’ll work just fine. Well ninjas are supposed to be…

Neplusultra says:

Buyer Beware: It worked for two months!!!…But wait, there’s more!!! I bought this cable expecting that it would be better quality than my previous, cheaper cables.I used it for just shy of two months & it just stopped working!!!I am frustrated & disappointed.You just have to be more skeptical with the claims these companies make about their products. *** Important Update ***Almost as soon as my review was posted, I was contacted by a representative of “Rig Ninja” vowing to correct the situation.And within just…

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