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Powered By Lace Bridge Humbucker – Black


Lace Music Products introduces it’s new line of high powered humbuckers branded with the “Powered by Lace” logo. Designed for maximum output and better high end, this ceramic based unit competes with the best, while offering incredible value. Meticulously developed by Jeff Lace, they produce an incredible wide, versatile, full range of tone. The “Powered by Lace” line creates an exciting blend of a traditional pickup manufactured with experienced, patented Lace know how. All “Powered by Lace” humbuckers come standard with black trim rings for that high performance appeal. Red trim rings are optional.

Product Features

  • Position: bridge
  • Resistance: 10.4k
  • Comes with Trim Ring

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David says:

Awesome possum! This pickup is much better than the stock pickup in my Epiphone Les Paul. Which isn’t saying much. I don’t have much experience to compare it with, but it’s great. The short of it: Epiphone pickups are notorious for being muddy, i.e. if you play more than one string at a time, you can’t distinguish notes very well. This pickup took care of that, even with distortion on. It sounds great to me! Very clear and bright, with plenty of depth of course. For 25 bucks, it’s a HUGE improvement on…

anonymous says:

great affordable!!! i replaced the stock pickups of my guitar with these, and the difference was great. i got more than what i paid for it, more brilliance and the sustain was decent with cheap strings. it’s not as good as an emg h4 or seymour-duncan jb but close enough to enjoy playing. would definitely recommend it..

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