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Playing the Guitar: A Self-Instruction Guide to Technique and Theory


This classic self-teaching guide covers the technique and theory of all the popular styles of guitar playing. The book provides illustrations to simplify finger positions, and shows how to buy a guitar; build chords; read guitar music; and master many styles of playing.

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Linda Bergstrom says:

husband now a better guitar player

ambuster says:

Great guide

Michael Z. Williamson says:

Caution! Classical only! Be advised this book only covers classical and flamenco playing. It is of much less use for acoustic steel string or electric players.Nevertheless, one can’t properly play any guitar without a basic study of the classical. This book is complete–it covers construction styles to look for, proper woods and finishes for good tone, judging the condition of a used instrument, and basic hold and technique (that so many “rock” players abandon for the sake of slinging an axe low and…

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