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Playing Guitar & Singing Part 1 – Covers – Beginner Guitar

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Algastar says:

I’ve always compared it to playing a piano.You might have two hands playing
something completely different but you put them together and it makes one
line of music, just like singing and playing guitar together. Thanks for
the vid :)

Skopelos says:

That was really cool man…thanks a lot…you really break it down..!!

facede pette says:

thanks again Eric!

badic2100 says:

do you preach or give alesson

babyshoes231 says:

my guitar teacher says basically the same thing [: and this isn’t very
important, but keith urban is my favorite musican and i’m glad you used him
as an example!! [:

keenansphotography says:

I have been watching you for awhile and really like your style. But your
words here made me a friend for life. All GOOD things come from above!!!
Good words of Wisdom!!

yourguitarsage says:

@TheLordHodne Thank you my friend! :) e

memaxcool says:

You explain things real well there, in fact I had a conversation with my
friend while joggin a few days ago. Now I know how to process the
explanation of the thought process, KUDOS.

yourguitarsage says:

99 percent of the comments that I get are legit. I DO delete negativos and
ego talkers. If your comment smelled of that, it will get deleted. I’m here
to teach, not monitor non-sense. I also block if someone just has nothing
nice to say. Enjoy the nearly 500 lessons I have posted for free to YT.

cn nICKo says:

but i wanna strum on it….

madcow455 says:

now to learn to sing :P

Fender83fly says:

Hey man! I just posted a video of my playing and singing on utube! I was
wondering if you could give some feed back on them? Tell what you think i
could work on to improve on my singing and playing. You can find my songs
under Knocked Down by Tony Canterbury and Thief In The Night by Tony

wilmar han says:

Great advice man!! This has been keeping me giving me a problem for a long

yourguitarsage says:

@Lucasandhismusic I TOTALLY agree. No disrespect for the Beebs. He also
seems like he “gets it” and does not let the fame go to his head.

Alex Price says:

Learn! Join the choir at your school. It will help so much, I wish I
would’ve realized this earlier

YrSmellyShoes says:


95kmusic says:

how do play a base note while picking something else and doing something
with your left hand aswell?!?

Veritas1992 says:

@Fishpks This is also helps with wind instruments as far as high notes and
chops (lips). It also helps lock down rhythms and melodies.

Fishpks says:

Upon saying you need to play the song slowly, which allows you to think
about what you need to do — Steve Vai has said the secret to playing fast
is being able to play slow :p same concept, and it works ^^

deeder001 says:

It’s OK, brother, don’t be pissy. My comment WAS legit and certainly
nothing close to several of the immature or negative comments that are
still here. But it’s your channel so…whatever. Its all good.

nfinnnn says:

You are the best! You encouraged me to finally start playing guitar!

Ashleyace22 says:

this is cool! check out my videos! i play the guitar and the piano while
singing cover songs!! check it out :)

dormanbenton says:

@yourguitarsage It’s just great when I hear you say that because I’ve come
to the same conclusion. lol I could ramble on and on about it but I’ll
leave it at that. I’ve used many of your videos. I’ll stay tuned! :-)

Courtland Dastyck says:

@akhkharas well it was how i described in first time you played it, just
curious if thats an alternate way of playing it or if it was a simple

Wooden Spoon says:

I have been playing guitar for 6 years, always struggling with this, always
giving up after feeling totally overwhelmed. I just thought people who
could do it had some innate talent that I didn’t posess, until this video.
Thanks for making it!

hellstrike007 says:

thank you … mr. yourguitarsage.. do you have any tips how to play fast
licks like GnR solos ?

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