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Playing guitar and melodica at the same time (introducing the melogitar)

This is me playing the “melogitar”, a combination of two instruments i put together. It gives the musician the oportunity to play the guitar and the melodica…

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jeakyguy says:

THAT,is what I call talent 

Anthony Cuzzola says:

you would kill it as a street performer 

Theo Dats says:

xaxxxa amazing super musician

jeremejazz says:

man this is crazy.. That’s a compliment by the way :)
so cool

Richard Ford says:

You have inspired me, man. Awesome work.


is it easier to play with a nylon string guitar or is that just preference 

Marco Starink says:

Try simultaneously hitting a cajon with the rght elbow and i will bow to
you my king


This should be in a soundtrack!

Patricia Fernanfez says:

This is fucking AMAZING i love it

justinhuksley says:

awhfuckya just lovely

joe dunleavy says:

man this is such a great tune!!! Love the combo. Melodica has such a great
sound. How did u stick it to the guitar?

Isa Lisa says:


Moshe H. says:

So awesome!!!!! Really want a melodica!

Moshe H. says:

can you post the cords (like a b c style) for what youre playing on the
melodica? its really nice

Jeff Winger says:

Cojonudo tío. Cojonudísimo

jo diggy says:

ahhh this is fantastic

KeepRockingStudio says:

Very Nice

Kai | KGuitarH says:

Großartige Idee! Sehr geil umgesetzt :)

gettkable says:

What kind of Melodica do you play? I want to get one and like the sound of
yours. Thanks for answering.

Adriən Evangelista says:

Great hybrid instrument! It would probably sound better with a folk guitar,
nylon sounds weaky compared to the melodica. Wow, imagine a jazz tune with
this instrument! By the way, can I ask you what brand is the melodica you
used? Looks beautiful and sounds cool. Congrats!

Francisco González Bustamante says:


epicman1236 says:

True inspiration

querydu jiji says:

Bien joue c’est super

Imakeweirdstuff says:

you must be very good at multitasking O_O

Marios Kar says:

Simply amazing man, well done!

qwerty42 says:

This. Is badass. Respect for being creative and innovative to a whole new

Reid Miller says:

awesome creativity…and perhaps you can use an air bag under one arm like
on a bagpipe to power the melodica, and sing, too. just thinking. cheers.

Jason Rezek says:

this is soooo good !!

Scott Maness says:

Here’s a guy that can multitask. :)

doron213 says:

Hey man, thanks for the reply. If you want you ca take a look at the two
videos I uploaded with the meloguitar combination. The original songs are
in Hebrew but hey, there’s no singing anyway so it doesn’t matter :-)
Here’re the videos: watch?v=zdYyqeNgfa4 watch?v=HUEhvlTVsYQ Let me know
what you think. BTw, eventually I used a thumb pick, personally I felt more
comfortable with the pick than with my bare thumb.

Martin Wilson says:

….you look like ryan gosling

The Best Boy says:

Been playing guitar and melodica for a long time, but didn’t sit down and
really try this out until today, it’s a little challenging but a lot of
fun, and it really stimulated me creatively.

Trevor Pogue says:

You have allot of coordination! I’m trying to imagine strumming while
playing keys with the same hand. Props

Aljoscha Müller says:

No problem man! Just watched the videos!Awesome! i’m very happy to be the
reason you tried this and had fun experimenting! If the pick felt good
thats awesome. I would play it how ever it feels comfortable. Keep it up
and have fun!

2D Nation says:

Really, really nice job. I absolutely love it. It has a lot of depth with
the guitar added too. You’ve a real talent :)

conraydo says:

Ich find die Idee extremst cool und finde, du musst echt talentiert sein,
das beides gleichzeitig so gut hinzubekommen. Und das Lied ist irgendwie
voll der Ohrwurm.

foramejora says:

Seriously awesome. I hope this becomes a thing.

ghettoc0 says:

Even though it sounds basic. That has to be really difficult to handle two
completely different instruments at the same time with one hand. Its a.d.d.
at its finest. Lol

Matthew Grabowski says:

this is fucking brilliant man. if you can post an mp3 of this that would be

Riely Hao says:


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