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Planet Waves Pick Holder with LED Light


- Holds up to 4 medium gauge (.71mm) picks
- Bright blue LED light illuminates dark settings
- Rugged keychain design keeps picks on hand
- Runs on 2 CR1616 3V batteries (included)

Product Features

  • Holds 4-5 medium gauge picks
  • Bright blue LED light illuminates dark settings
  • Perfect for checking amp and pedal settings on dark stages
  • Keychain design keeps picks handy
  • Batteries included

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Dan R says:

Awseome Key Chain This key chain is great. It says it can hold about 4 picks, but I currently have 6 in there and there is still room for another. This thing is really handy, you never have to go rummaging through your pockets or a guitar case for picks. Plus, its got a light on it, which is surprisingly bright, which is great if its dark outside and you are trying to load gear into a van (or do anything that requires light). The part you put the keys on is also really well made because it is really asy to get…

Lee says:

Gets the job done This is something you would expect to find at a swap meet. The quality is pretty bad, and the LED light doesn’t work well for me- the button is very very tough to press, so much that your finger gets sore trying to keep the light on, and the connection inside is bad, so the light turns on and off even with full force. However, this is primarily a pick holder keychain, and it does that perfectly. Though it only fits 2 of my picks (I’m a bass player, one is 2.0 and the other 1.something), it’s…

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