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Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb Guitar Lesson Pt.1 – All Rhythm Guitar Parts Click the link above to go to the page containing all of my fr…

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Browney Barrett says:

Your so awesome great teacher so glad to have found you 

Giovanna di stefano says:

Many tanks for you guitar lesson, nice and clear, with compliments…all
the best for you!!!

si moussa m says:
Soheil SHAH HOSSEINI says:

Thanks, that was great, could you plz if you have a link for the tablature
that you used, put it here that we could use it, Thanks

Enzo Bremer says:

eu tenho apenas 13 anos e vou aprender essa música , parabéns Lesson


Great man. Keep it up. Can you show us how to play “gonna raise hel” by
cheap trick please?

Robert Henry says:

Just faanntasstic..

Brian Osbment says:

Very cool lesson!

Anorexia Isan says:

eres mi idolo man. gracias por esto

Jennifer dillon says:

great player but is he hideously disfigured

Hamza El Jaouhari says:

If only you played all the chords at the beggining it would be awsome

Stephen Lucero says:

love how some of ya’ll are talkin shit but i don’t see ya’ll puttin up
lesson videos. so like.. whatever

Sean Sigwalt says:

to start with you probably wanna go for 2-finger power chords starting with
B5 (forefinger tip on E-string 7th fret, ring finger flat on A- and
D-string 9th fret, other strings below muted by the rest of your
forefinger) playing B5 A5 G5 F#5 E5, it’s very easy, only one chord hand
position, slide B5 up the neck 2-2-1-2 frets, all 5 chords done. also
veeery nice to play with heavy distortion

Mark Love says:

Excellent Lesson

em26jamie says:

Awesome lessons. Do you take requests? If so, I’d love two other Floyd
songs: Time and Another Brick in the Wall Pt2.

william mcmonagle says:

he sounds like Joe Bonamassa…could it be?

GuitarLessons365Song says:

haha, yeah pretty much.. :)

Ken Kwiatkowski says:

Wonderful lessons!!!! Do you have HD500 patches you can provide? Thanks
sooo much!!

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