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Pick Geek TRIO – 3 Sets of Premium Guitar Picks (Plectrums) For Your Electric, Acoustic, or Bass Guitar – X Heavy, Heavy, Medium & Light – In 3 Metal Pocket Boxes – A Perfect Gift – Fully Guaranteed


Geeky Never Sounded So Good With Pick Geek Guitar Picks

It’s always great to find a gift that’s just that little bit different, something quirky, and that doesn’t break the bank. And if it’s useful too, well hey, what more could one ask for? The new Pick Geek TRIO guitar pick set, offers guitar and bass players of all musical styles a variety of three different yet complimentary pick sets. And as if that wasn’t enough, the three pick boxes are being shipped in a beautiful FREE designed Kraft cylinder gift box, offering a bit of flare and making it an easy purchase for gifting.

Pick Geek TRIO includes a Pick Geek Celluloid guitar picks set, a Pick Geek Delrin (Tortext) guitar pick set, and a Pick Geek Jazz set. Each set has between 16-18 picks, with a variety of both thickness (light, medium, heavy, and extra heavy), in 2 complimentary materials (Celluloid and Delrin), as well as a large selection of stunning colours and designs.

The Pick Geek guitar picks are conveniently presented in three unique “click-clack” circular metal boxes that fit easily into any pocket or guitar case. Each box is opened by pressing on the center of the lid (click!), and then closed by squeezing gently on the sides (clack!).

Quality is assured by hand packing each set, and gifting them into a beautiful well-designed cylinder Kraft gift box, and then adding a five year, no hassles replacement guarantee.

A practical gift for any guitar or bass player, the new Pick Geek TRIO pick box set takes the guesswork out of finding the perfect gift for any guitar or bass player.

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Product Features

  • Your TRIO set consists of 3 Pick Geek Guitar Pick Sets: a Pick Geek Celluloid set, a Pick Geek Delrin (Tortex) set, and a Pick Geek Jazz set (5 different shapes + 2 steel picks) + packaged in a beautiful FREE Kraft cylinder box
  • 4 Different Thicknesses – (Extra Heavy, Heavy, Medium, and Light) & various colour designs
  • 2 Premium Complimentary Choice Materials – Celluloid & Delrin (Tortex)
  • The Pick Geek TRIO guitar pick set offers a strikingly unique gift for any guitar or bass player, ensuring complete satisfaction as a perfect gift choice for any day of the year
  • Backed with a free-replacement, no hassles guarantee, fast support, buy with complete confidence!

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GrifHope says:

Good quality, variety, love the snap cases! Giving for Christmas stocking stuffers. I normally stayed with Martin, Dunlop, or Fender picks, usually a step up from the cheapest of these, such as the classic celluloid picks that Fender produces. These picks are of very good quality and feel good. They don’t feel at all cheap and the variety of pick styles is very nice between country/metal/jazz/blues guitar players; they have many styles picks in here of multiple guages. (The Extra Heavy’s are awesome for hard rock/metal by the way.) And the thicker guage picks (or the metal…

Anonymous says:

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