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Peavey Tablet – iPad Holder


Tablet Mounting System. The mount is suitable for iPad, iPad2, iPad (3rd Generation), iPad Mini and other Tablet PCs by simply changing the mounting claws. iPad is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

Product Features

  • Sturdy, durable high quality frame construction
  • Touch points securely hold your tablet in place without any damage
  • The mount is suitable for iPad, iPad2, iPad (3rd Generation) and other Tablet PCs by simply changing the mounting claws
  • Universal metal tube clamp securely mounts to microphone stands and keyboard stands with tube diameters of up to 28mm
  • Multi-angle adjustment allows universal positioning of the tablet. The adapter allows for mounting the plate directly to a microphone stand. Quick set-up and release.

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GaVaHokie says:

About as good as you can get. I have a 3rd Generation iPad and it fit this item just fine… it comes with a conversion kit for iPad1 or iPad2, but the iPad2 fits the iPad3 just fine, especially since the plastic has a little ‘flex’ to it. My main reason for selecting this one was the direct mount and arm mount option, plus I trust the Peavey name. I’ve read a lot of reviews on Tablet holders and even seen some in person, and let’s face it… they all kind of suck. Most of these things are very flimsy and can’t exactly…

Paul Richardson says:

Does not fit “other” tablets. Product is nice enough but the description says it fits “other” tablets in addition to ipads. This is not true in my case and I am definitely disappointed.

HunkyDorey says:

Well Made Used this on a mic stand to create an ipad holder. Works great! Appears well made, should last a long time.

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