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Peavey Rockmaster Guitar, Gloss Black



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krudmuphin says:

Great price! Good starter guitar! I picked this up as a Black Friday deal from the store that I work at for only $70, which felt like a steal for all that’s included. I was worried that the extremely low price would mean the guitar is pathetic, but i was pleasantly surprised when I opened it up and started playing.I bought the Rockmaster as a practice guitar because I don’t want to wear out or damage my other guitar, a much more expensive Italia Mondial in the $700 range. You really can’t compare the 2 guitars, but…

M. C. Malkemus "MS" says:

Would be hard to beat for the price What do you get for only $116 bucks in a guitar? Quite a lot actually. I recommend this guitar as a perfect starter for Rocksmith 2014. I’ll never be featured in their 60 day challenge, because I don’t have an Epiphone. No kidding, check out the 60 day challenges online, everyone of them has an Epiphone. Thus, I’m making my own 365 day challenge which will be available on YouTube. First week will be posted to YouTube a few days after this posting. “One guitar path: week 1″PROS…

Anonymous says:

I bought this on a whim because Rocksmith was on sale. It is a solid guitar, holds tune and plays very good for me. I am a beginner (again) and I took lessons for a few months and was told that I would never be a guitar player… sausage fingers and a total lack of rhythm are my handicaps. I am determined to play at least one song!! Anyway I had a Fender Squire before and payed more money for it and I cannot say that was a better guitar. I know nothing but I know what I feel. Great…

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