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Peavey MILESTONEVINTAGE Milestone Bass Guitar, Vintage Burst


This cutting-edge instrument is the result of Peavey’s continual dedication to the working musician. The Milestone bass is a rare combination of stunning craftsmanship and intelligent design with a reasonable price range. The body design is both classic and elegant. The perfectly balanced body provides an intuitive feel, as if the bass is an extension of the player’s body. Try one today and get ready to be amazed. The patent pending Peavey Power plate is a new innovation for stringed instruments. The Power plate is a metal plate that is embedded into the back of the headstock which increases sustain and volume. The Power plate is mounted using the machine heads and increases the amount of string vibration energy that is projected by the instrument.

Product Features

  • 34 inch scale
  • Dual-expanding truss rod
  • 20 frets

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LynnRDH says:

Good bass. Satisfied. After visiting several music stores and trying different basses, I narrowed it down to this one. None of the stores had it in stock and at the time it was back ordered and estimated date to ship was about 3 months. I had advised not to get musical instruments over the internet, but I saw Amazon had it, and I knew it was what I wanted, so I ordered it. It came on the date it was supposed to and I have found no problems with it. It is good quality, and perfect for what I wanted. I am new to…

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