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Peavey KB3 60 Watt 1×12” Keyboard Amp


60 watts of clean Peavey power – Extension cab capability extends power rating out to 80 watts – 4 separate channels – Channels 1 & 2 have 2 band EQ – Channel 3 has 3 band EQ – Channels 1 & 2 have 1/4″ inputs – Channel 3 features XLR and 1/4″ inputs – Channel 4 features 1/4″ monitor input with level control – Headphone out with level control – 12 inch speaker with tweeter – Effects send/return – Balanced XLR main out

Product Features

  • 60 watts of clean Peavey powerExtension cab capability extends power rating out to 80 watts12 inch speaker with tweet
  • Extension cab capability extends power rating out to 80 watts
  • 3 separate channels – Channel 1 has mic input, 2-band EQ per channel, Channel 4 monitor input, Headphone out with level control, Balanced XLR main out
  • 12 inch speaker with tweeter
  • FX send/return

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Guillermo Perez says:

Since 2000 and it’s still going!!! I have to say it doesn’t look the same as this new model… back when it was called KB/60.BUT MAN has this thing paid it’s dues.13 years of use… countless rehearsals… I had a DTX 2 I got with it… now it’s on a TD9.I’ve loaned it to DJ friends… musician friends for MONTHS on end… it’s been in storage… through a gazillion blackouts in the caribbean plus weather… and it is still going… all functions, all knobs, it HASN’T been cleaned in any way… this thing is…

Anonymous says:

Good for Hunting Wabbits…because you need to be verwy quiet. There is a lot of Peavey gear that I love but the KB3 is a FAIL. Maybe I’m just thinking of my old school Meredian, MS USA stuff! Didn’t hesitate to buy Peavey but will be more cautious next time. Sad how many good names (for example Kenmore) sure don’t mean what they used to. How does the saying go?, “past success does not guarantee future results.”Tried it out for a couple weeks with a Roland RD300 and promptly…

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