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Peavey Ecoustic E110 Acoustic Combo – 100 Watts


Here’s a fact: most coffee houses and midsize clubs have awful PA systems. So why pick up an acoustic guitar amplifier and still have to suffer bad vocal sound? The Peavey Ecoustic E110 is more than a killer acoustic guitar amplifier – it’s a complete PA system. Sporting 100 watts, this amp easily cover most typical gigs. A 9-band equalizer lets you tune your guitar to any room, and the E110 also features great feedback-fighting tools as well. The microphone preamplifier on channel two sound absolutely amazing! What’s more, the E110 gives you three excellent studio-style effects you can use to enhance your sound. And when you plug an optional E300 foot controller into the E110, you also get access to 8 effects presets and a wonderful 30-second looper.

Product Features

  • 100 watts, 2 channels, 10″ speaker, 9 band EQ, combo XLR-1/4 input on each channel
  • Footswitchable Phase inverter, Notch Filter on channel 1
  • Two-band EQ on channel 2, reverb, chorus and delay with parameter adjustments
  • Premium mic preamp, tuner/mute out, up to 8 effect presets, onboard looper
  • Optional footswitch, not included

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Kileyb says:

Pleasantly surprised! I played this amp in a local music store one day wasting time while Mom was shopping. I was in there basically just to look around until Mom was finished with what she had to do. I grabbed a lower end guitar, and asked the sales associate if I could plug it into the amp. I was so surprised at the tone and the sound that this amp produced for a lower priced guitar. All I could think at that point is how amazing my Taylor 314 CE would sound plugged into this amp. For about a year I have been…

MandoTunes says:

pleased with the performance

karen says:


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