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Cort Acoustic Guitars by Muris Varajic


A quick demonstration of sweet Cort acoustic guitars, both 6 and 12 strings, recorded using onboard electronics, next time with mics! :) And huuuuge thanks t…

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A guitar player!


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((I had one…””… But it’s, like, full of crap. What do you say?))

 aah I know you from deviantart. It’s alright because it’s just your personal stuff and all the things you like are posted there. What’s wrong with that?

((I’m just so fond of this psycho guitar.))

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Most Famous Fender Guitar Players

I believe that only the truest icons one arrives upon must be done so via personal exploration, not through the influences of one’s peers. At twenty,for me that icon was Phil Manzanera, and that remarkably devised FENDER work of his. Curiously enough, though I aimed to create the same sort of lush sonic effects as he had during the first phase of Roxy Music and his various side gigs.

I had no idea that one of the MOST FAMOUS FENDER GUITAR PLAYERS,actually played a FENDER STRATOCASTER. I fabulated, as a lot of kids are want to daydream, that Phil’s guitar had to be some kind of uniquely designed piece of experimental machinery, and thus quite unattainable for the likes of me. Such projections, whether they be directed upon a really, if not MOST FAMOUS OF FENDER GUITAR PLAYER’S instrument, or merely some girl or boy one has a crush on at school, are at once born of the rawly experential and a kind of mysteriously postive charge that goes off at the back of the head when confronted with the object of one’s ultra-focus and/or desire — at once fixation and incalcuble as a choice or aesthetic path.

I am hardly any of the MOST FAMOUS FENDER GUITAR PLAYERS, nor did I aspire to become one. For me to have played a FENDER for the life of my rather ill-starred musical career was (again) quite choiceless. In that my FENDER STRAT was found. Maybe, this abandoned, but still very functional model had indeed been owned by one of those MOST FAMOUS FENDER GUITAR PLAYERS, though this previous owner was likely not Phil Manzanera (sic!). He would never just abandoned his Fender, as it were a table lamp left on the dusty floor in a hastly vacated apartment. Of course, just as I had incorrectly calculated my ability to reach some measure of post-punk stardom, I had also in some ways misdetermined that one of the MOST FAMOUS FENDER GUITAR PLAYERS had not just employed a FENDER STRATOCASTER on all those great early Roxy Music recordings and tours, but that he (Phil Manzanera) had indeed once abandoned a GUITAR, just not his FENDER STRAT. Rather, as legend has it – and there must always be a legend to go along with the icon, that’s a given – when Phil first auditioned for Roxy, he was given a choice in order to join, that being to abandon his Gibson for a FENDER STRATOCASTER. Obviously, both he and the band knew what they were doing. That is why Phil is one of the MOST FAMOUS FENDER GUITAR PLAYERS, and I am – instead – composing this blog post.

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Jack Johnson’s New Single I Got You is Return to Form


Popular acoustic guitarist Jack Johnson will be back with a new album in September and Fretbase has free streaming of the first single “I Got You.” From what we can hear, the song is a return to form for the Hawaiian acoustic guitar player.

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My Updated Blues Guitar Method


This Course is now available here. Read more…

I’ve recently gone back and updated my best selling blues course and put a lot more info into these lessons.

The Blues Guitar 6 DVD Course is now discontinued which means Blues Method 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 are as well. I have taken the best of these lessons and added completely new lessons to make the best blues instructional lessons I have ever produced.

I recorded the original Blues Method in 2008 and 2009 and while I still think that material is great, I wanted to make these lessons excellent. After 6 years of making video lessons I have learned a lot about doing this and I’ll think it shows.

What You’ll Learn

2 DVDs | 4.6 Hours | 26 Pages pf PDF Tabs

In this course you’ll learn exactly how to play slow blues guitar lead in an improvisational style by learning “How” to use the Minor Pentatonic Scales, Major Pentatonic Scales, Blues Scales and “What” Intervals and notes sound good when using these scales to improvise over a 12 Bar Slow Blues.

If you’re always trying to figure out what notes sound good to end on and begin phrases with over a Slow Blues, then this course will show you exactly how to go about doing this.

Lesson Index



Lesson 1 – The Major Scale and Intervals

Lesson 2 – The Minor Pentatonic Scale

Lesson 3 - The Major Pentatonic Scale

Lesson 4 – The Blues Scale

Lesson 5 – Visualizing the Fretboard

Lesson 6 – Improvising over a 12 bar slow blues

  • The Major Minor Weave
  • Active Listening
  • Singing your Licks
  • Using Space
  • Call and Response
  • Telling a Story

Lesson 7 – 10 Blues Licks

Lesson 8 – A Complete 4:00 Slow Blues Solo Combining everything learned in the DVD

Learn a Complete Blues Solo

To show you how to combine all of the concepts in this course, you’ll learn a complete 4:00 12 bar slow blues solo in the key of A. Listen to the solo you will learn in the player below.

Fretboard Maps

You’ll also receive 20 Fretboard Maps to help with your Visualization of the scales and patterns taught in this course. Each Interval is color coded to provide you with the optimal visual cue to find each note on the fretboard rapidly.

Learn 10 Hot Blues Licks

In addition to the solo I’ll show you 10 short blues licks that you can use to play over a slow blues.

2 Slow Blues Backing Tracks in A

You’ll receive 2 Backing Tracks of a Slow Blues in A. One is a Full Band Slow Blues in the key of A including a Real Hammond Organ and Grand Piano and the other a Guitar Only backing track for the Improvisation lesson.

Beta Tester Reviews

Hi John,

I have to congratulate you for yet another terrific DVD. As usual, I get a lesson that is insightful, informative and things to learn.

The lesson on Improvisation alone is worth the price. Hopefully there will be an expansion of that Improvisation lesson in the future. Good stuff!

And make sure the backing track to the improvisation is included in the DVD.



John, The new and updated Blues product is absolutely fantastic. Wow!

I have already picked up some new blues licks and learned more about intervals.

I love your blues teaching method the best. Unlike others, your teaching style is clear, simple, and easy to learn.

Being a visual learner, I love the colorful numbers on the fret board maps. It guides me as I play better and master the fingering positions faster.

Also, I get so much value in buying your products. You spend time explaining the concepts in detail so well …then you demonstrate them so that even a beginner can understand it.

- Andrew

In these lessons John teaches how to play the blues instead of just what to play. I am truly amazed by the amount of valuable information packed into these lessons.

I have studied scales before, but never with such context. Whether you’ve never learned scales before or you have learned some scales and are wondering, ‘now what?’, this material will help you break through that barrier!

John does an excellent job of dissecting scales into important and easy to remember patterns that help you really understand how to play.

We all know blues is about playing with feeling, and John’s lessons unlock a code that allows you to focus on feeling instead of memorization.

You will enjoy countless hours of improvisation, and I am not just talking about playing those old familiar box patterns. You will be able to escape the box (literally and figuratively) and create your own melodies and licks that really sound good!

After studying this material, my improvisational sessions will never be the same!


- Bryan K

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