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Monster High 30-Inch Acoustic Guitar – Black/Pink (88048)


Monster High 30 ” Acoustic Guitar is perfect for beginning players. This guitar features great tone, comfort, and playability.

Product Features

  • Measures 30″ Monster High acoustic guitar delivers great tone.
  • Comfort and playability with all wood construction
  • Low string action means easy playing for beginners
  • Measures 30″ Monster High acoustic guitar delivers great tone

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Like for how amazing this is?!?! CHECK HER OUT @…

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The Secret to Lead Guitar

065 Blues scale in 5 positions When I was 15 years old one of my brothers’ friends was playing some cool blues riffs on his gu…

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What's that … Banjo?


Here’s an interesting bantar guitanjo thing played by Brian Setzer in his Stray Cat days. Is it a one-off? Can anyone ID it? Thanks!

yours, Tone Deaf Radio

Hi Tone, it does indeed very familiar. I have a feeling I’ve seen one being used by The Pogues. But yeah, it’s a Deering Crossfire electric banjo. It actually has two magnetic pickups mounted beneath the head and is designed to be played at volume without any feedback.

Note it’s not really a “guitanjo” or a “bantar” – those names are usually given to six string banjos, which are essentially banjos tuned like a guitar so as to accommodate guitar players’ existing know-how.  This Deering is a proper 5-string banjo, but in electric format.

G L Wilson

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Hagstrom F-200/F-200P Series F200-BLK Electric Guitar, Black Gloss


These guitars are the workhorses in the Hagstrom line. They will get the work done! Lightweight, easy to play, with a fat sound and absolute roadworthiness.

Product Features

  • Contoured Mahogany
  • Mahogany Neck
  • Resinator Fretboard with Hagstrom 6mm Dot Position Marks / 15 Inch Radius
  • H-Expander Truss rod

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Choosing a Musical Instrument : Tips on Affordable Acoustic Guitars


So you want to learn to play music but not sure which of the thousands of instruments is right for you? Here are a few tips on the affordable acoustic guitar…

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Guitar Anatomy & Types : Acoustic Guitars


Acoustic guitars have a hollow body and large resonating chamber and may or may not have electric pickups. Learn acoustic guitar parts and guitar anatomy fro…

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Which Musical Instruments Are Hardest To Learn?


Such is the beauty of music that anyone can play any instrument.  You or I could pick up and instrument, and get started right away. Of course, there is a world of difference between playing an instrument and using an instrument to produce an amazing sound that people want to listen to and will pay for.

Which instruments are the most difficult to learn to play well? Will you dare to take them on? On the other hand, will you avoid them at all costs?


No one who has ever looked at a violin will likely be shocked to see it appearing on this list. To most people, the violin can actually look like a deceptively easy instrument to play at first. If you’ve ever picked one up, however, then you’ll know that it is something that takes a long time to master. That is, if you found the resolve to forget the initial frustration you probably felt when you first tried playing and it sounded less than great.

As one of the hardest instruments to master, the violin is also one that gives you a great feeling of reward when you start to plat to a good standard,


This is probably the perfect example of an instrument where most people could easily learn a tune or two themselves, but when it comes to more complex sounds and improvising, even pianists who have been playing for years find it a challenging instrument to play.

One of the biggest challenges posed by the piano is that there are few reference points to other instruments, as it is so unique and unlike any other. Like the violin, however, if you are able to train yourself to become an accomplished pianist, the sense of achievement will be huge.


MusicIn terms of technical music, the saxophone is actually one of the more straightforward instruments to pick up and play. However, the difficulties come in all of the intricacies that are involved with the sax.

From the way you hold the instrument to your movements when playing each note, not to mention the type of reed you use, everything needs to be perfect in order for you to get a definitive sound. That is before you even start to think about mastering techniques such as circular breathing – breathing in and out at the same time. However, saxophone lessons are great fun, and they will help you to pick up everything you need to know in order to become a decent level saxophonist.

Drums – From a Band Perspective

Drums are reasonably straightforward to learn, which is why they are the instrument of choice for parents buying for their children, even when they are fully aware of the noise they will make.

However, if you’re a solo drummer, making the transition into drumming in a band situation can be very difficult. Now, you’re not just the drummer, but the leader and pacemaker of the whole band. One mistake, especially in a live situation, can make a whole track sound like an awkward mash-up, making it a much-pressured role.

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Robert is an accomplished guitarist who is more than happy to stick with one instrument. Robert has a lot of admiration for anyone who can play more than one instrument, as well as people who play difficult looking instruments, such as the saxophone and violin, to a competent standard.

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How to Play Black Magic Woman Guitar Solos


Santana Black Magic Women Guitar Solo Lesson. A complete breakdown of the intro and middle solos. I left out the breakdown of the very beginning because it s…

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Wow, here’s one for the I Can’t Believe Nobody’s Done This Before files: BeatBuddy is the first guitar pedal drum machine, giving you hands-free control of your beat while you’re rocking out. There’s an IndieGoGo campaign underway to fund it and it reached $30,000 within the first 30 minutes, and as I type this it’s up at over $102,000. It will come pre-loaded with 10 unique drum sets, over 200 songs (verse/chorus beat progressions) in a variety of styles, tempo adjustment via a knob or tap tempo, MIDI sync so you can integrate with MIDI-based loopers and effects, headphone jack and full stereo sound. Imagine what you can do with this as a soloist, busker, teacher or clinician. And Singular Sound, the team behind BeatBuddy, have aligned with GoranGrooves Studio, a world-class drum recording service in Miami, to create content for the BeatBuddy. The sound samples are recorded and processed with meticulous care using top of the line equipment, drums and percussion. The MIDI beats are not quantized and each drum is multi-sampled at various dynamic levels for ultra-realistic natural sound. New beats and drum sets will be available for download on a regular basis, and they’ll be producing both free and premium content packages. And… and – the user forum on their site will allow all BeatBuddies to share their beats and drum sets! Here’s a video of it in action.


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