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Guitar For Absolute Beginners (for Guitar)


How to play guitar: The effective guitar method successfully used by thousands of busy New Yorkers in their classes at New York City Guitar School. Learn the fundamentals of guitar in the motivating step-by-step comprehensive course for beginners from New York City Guitar School. This program cover all the basics of guitar playing, and includes detailed practice session plans, motivating stories and great song examples. Topics covered include: The Fundamental Habits of Great Guitar Players; Identifying Strings, Frets and Fingers; The Rest Stroke; How To Read Chord Diagrams; The D and G Chords; How To Fret Properly; How To Tune Your Guitar; How To Practice; Quarter Note Srums; The A7 Chord; How To Play With A Pick; The Secret To Memorizing Songs; How To Read Tab and Play Cool Licks; What Are Pivot Changes; G Major; E Minor; D 7th; The Concept of Chord Progressions; examplesThe Small Barre–Gateway To Future Guitar Greatness; Lock Your Hand In With The Beat; How To Count and Strum Eighth Notes; The Gentle Art of Riffing; A Minor (The Saddest Chord); How To Change Between G and C; Rhythm 101–Understand This And You Will Understand How Chords Work; Learn “”The Basic Strum””; Learn “”The Best Strum””; How To Change Chords in The Middle of A Measure; Mixed Rhythms and Split Measures; A Major and E Major; and More. This book is ideal for use with a teacher or in a class, and has also been used successful around the world as a self-study course. Students who complete this book will be able to play arrangements of songs such as “”I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For””, “”Last Kiss””, “”Crazy””, “”Stand By Me””, “”Viva La Vida”” by Coldplay, “”Wild Thing””, “”Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door””, “”Brown Eyed Girl””, “”Sweet Child O’ Mine””, “”Redemption Songs”” and LOTS MORE. For added help, students can visit NYC Guitar School’s youtube channel for video examples of the lessons.

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The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Playing Bass Guitar


Every musician knows that the bass guitar provides the underlying heart and soul of a band. The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Playing Bass Guitar provides a complete instruction program for beginners and helps walk even experienced guitarists through the most confusing concepts. The book covers the basics of the bass clef; how to play chords and arpeggios; advanced techniques like dead notes, slapping, and popping; locking with your drummer; and techniques for developing speed and agility.

• Provides valuable information and advice on choosing, purchasing, and playing a bass guitar
• Audio CD provides examples and practice music for a wide range of bass guitar styles including blues, rhythm and blues, country, hip hop, rock, swing, jazz, Latin, reggae, ska, funk, fusion, and more

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Recording Acoustic Guitars


This video is about how the band records acoustic guitars. For demonstration purposes, we used Audacity because that’s the most attainable recording software…

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1set Humbucker Double Coil Electric Guitar Pickup White


100% brand new and testing is fine
High quality

For electric guitar

The Resistance: 7.6 – 8k ohm, the magnecic the ferrite

Dimension: 2.62 x 1.37inch/ 6.6 x 3.5cm (L x W)

Package Include:

1* White Humbucker Double Coil Electric Guitar Pickup

We manufacture all kinds of instrument parts and conduct The direct model so that our price is very low with high quality.

Product Features

  • The item is shipped from China.The delivery time to US is about 7 to 15 BUSINESS days.
  • Pls notice the shipping time!!

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Wilkinson Zebra Style Humbucker Guitar Pickup (Bridge & Neck Pair)


Brand new pair of Wilkinson zebra style electric guitar humbucker pickups. Bridge pickup has black wire Neck pickupp has grey wire 91mm (L) x 45 mm (W) Excellent quality pickups.

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1set 2 Double Coil Neck&bridge Pickups Humbucker Fits for 6 String Electric Guitar


Item 100% like the picture shown

Item Brand New, Never Used.

Complete With Neck and Bridge Surrounds

Will fit most guitar as a direct replacement

These are excellent value LP alternative humbuckers.

solid nickel pole pieces.

Fully wax potted and sealed.

DC Resistance: NECK:8K BRIDGE:15K

Pickup Pole Spacing: 50 mm / 52mm

Package include:
1 pair double coil humbuckers

We manufacture all kinds of instrument parts and product The direct model so that our price is very low with high quality.

Product Features

  • The item is shipped from USA.The delivery time to US region is about 2 to 5 BUSINESS days.
  • Pls notice the shipping time!!

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Gibson 57 Classic Plus Humbucker, Nickel Cover


The perfect bridge-position companion to the ’57 Classic, the ’57 Classic Plus mimics those late-1950s humbuckers that received a few extra turns of wire. This treatment gave the pickup slighter higher output without sacrificing its rich, vintage tone. It helps overdrive tube preamps to a smooth level of saturation without becoming overpowering. Made with the same features as the ’57 Classic, the ’57 Classic Plus is available with genuine gold-plated covers, nickel-plated covers, or open coils.

Product Features

  • Model# IM57P-NH

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Dimarzio B2 Bridge Position (*Bulk Pac) – Black/Creme Finish Humbucker Pickup


(*Bulk Pac – Item is brand new from a bulk quantity package. Includes 2 mounting screws and springs. Item is packaged in basic plastic or bubble wrap.) — High output USA made Dimarzio humbucker pickup used in many popular guitars from a wide variety of manufacturers. Found factory installed as original equipment in guitars from Dean, Ibanez, Washburn, Music Man, and many more.

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Natural Acoustic Toy Guitar for Kids with Carrying Bag and Accessories & DirectlyCheap(TM) Translucent Blue Medium Guitar Pick


Hand painted for great looks and constructed from quality woods for an authentic sound, this economy Toy is perfect for any future guitar player. Give this as a gift or get one to play at your next beach bonfire, you’ll be sure to get some attention.

Product Features

  • 25 Inch Novelty Guitar set For Kids
  • inluding: extra string, pick and nylon gig bag
  • Top: Spruce, Back & Sides: bass wood
  • Neck: Catalpa, Finger Board: Rosewood
  • Full Color, Bridge: Rosewood, Machine Head: Die-cast

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Star MG50-PK Kids Acoustic Toy Guitar 23-Inch, Pink


This beautiful Acoustic Guitar is the ideal toy for toddlers and children. It is a steel string Acoustic Guitar, which is perfect for “pretend” play. This Guitar is 23 “in length and features a hardwood body, lindenwood binding, and 15 frets. Please note that this is a TOY Guitar and may NOT tune properly. To tune the Guitar, we recommend tightening the screws on the tuning knobs. These screws are located on the tuning knobs on the back of the Guitar tuning machine. This guitar is everything your child needs to get started playing. This 23 “Acoustic Guitar set makes a great gift for kids and is a great value for the money. This Guitar comes packaged in the original manufacturer’s box. The box has a full color photo of a Guitar on the front. Please keep this in mind when purchasing this Guitar as a gift. The Guitar Includes an E extra String and guitar Pick.

Product Features

  • 23 Inches Acoustic Toy Guitar Set
  • Ideal for Toddlers and Children!
  • Features 15 Frets
  • Set Includes: E extra String and guitar Pick

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