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Kmise A0998 1 Set of 2 Piece Belcat BH-20 Alnico V Les Paul Humbucker Pickup Set, Chrome


100% brand new high quality and testing is fine Item 100% like the picture shown Color: Chrome Plated DC Resistance: Neck: 9.2 K Bridge: 16.2 K Inductance: Neck 4.03H,Bridge 6.1H Magnet: Alnico & ferrite package included: 1 Set (Neck PU + Bridge PU)BH-20

Product Features

  • 100% brand new
  • Color: Chrome Plated
  • Item 100% like the picture shown

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Oscar Schmidt OG2SM-R-U Acoustic Guitar – Spalted Maple


At Oscar Schmidt, premium woods, quality hardware and modest prices create an ideal instrument. Each is inspected and adjusted in the USA by a skilled technician, your assurance for smooth fret ends, precision low action and resonant sound quality. Unequalled standards in easy playing comfort and tone response creates the perfect value… Oscar Schmidt. The OG2SM with spalted maple top and Catalpa sides and back is a deep dreadnought with a full acoustic resonance available in a wide variety of colors.

Product Features

  • Distinctive headstock bridge and pick guard designs give Oscar Schmidt instruments a professional look and identity.
  • Dreadnought guitar with a Spalted Maple top, catalpa sides and back and Standard X Bracing.
  • Fully adjustable truss rod and Chrome Die Cast Tuners.
  • One of the best values in a quality acoustic guitar.
  • Lifetime Warranty

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Music Alley 6 String Size 30inch Junior Classical Guitar (Pink), (MA-51)


The Music Alley 1/2 Size Junior Classical Guitar Pack is ideal for children ages 3-6. Using Nylon strings makes it much easier for little hands and fingers to hold down the strings rather than metal strings. The compact size makes this guitar easy for youngsters to hold and play, is available in a wide variety of colors. The guitar comes with a nylon carry case with zip and carry handle. For the little beginner this is an ideal first instrument that can be tuned and played properly which can be used as a great first step to learning to play guitar.

Product Features

  • Junior size Pink classical guitar
  • Comes with Nylon Strings which are easy on the fingers
  • Suitable for ages 3-7
  • Includes convenient carry case

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Idealistic Environmentalism – Trains vs Pipelines


Behold! IK Multimedia UNO Synth!


I know a lot of my guitar buddies are getting more and more into synths these days. I personally have really, really been enjoying IK Multimedia’s Syntronik. Now IK has really kicked it up a notch with UNO Synth, a true analog synth at an affordable price with all sorts of user-friendly features. Watch the video below to get a little hint at what it can do. 

I love that UNO Synth marries IK’s knowledge of intuitive and future-thinking control functions with the unmistakable feel of analog. This looks like something you can easily incorporate in a live setting or within a studio setup, and it looks so easy to use that I could probably turn my 11-year-old kid loose on it and he would come up with some pretty cool stuff. 

May 2, 2018 – IK Multimedia proudly debuts its premier hardware synthesizer, UNO Synth. Designed for everyone interested in rich, true analog sound, this new monophonic synth offers a wide sound palette and easy programmability in an ultra-portable, battery-powered format for on-the-go music creation, live performance or studio recording – all at an affordable price.

The ultimate real analog synth for everyone
IK Multimedia combined its more than two decades of experience in software and hardware development with the expertise of Italian boutique synthesizer maker Soundmachines and IK‘s synth guru Erik Norlander (one of the brains behind acclaimed synth designs including the Alesis Andromeda). The result is a no-compromise instrument that delivers massive analog sound along with hands-on programmability and advanced features.

UNO Synth delivers everything from classic to modern sounds to create music in any genre. First-time synth users get instant gratification from this easy-to-use instrument – 100 presets and an easy-to-play keyboard with selectable scales and an arpeggiator make UNO Synth the perfect gateway into the synthesizer world. Experienced pros will also love its rich sound and easy portability.

Great sounding true-analog audio path
Beneath its miniature exterior, UNO Synth packs a powerful synth engine with professional sound and a full analog audio path on par with more expensive synthesizers. It includes:

  • An all-analog audio path with 2 VCOs, noise generator, resonant multimode VCF and VCA
  • 2 independent VCOs with Saw, Triangle and Pulse waveforms with continuously variable shape including PWM of the square wave plus a separate white noise generator
  • A 2-pole OTA-based analog resonant sweepable multimode filter (LP/HP/BP) with overdrive
  • 7 LFO waveforms (Sine, Triangle, Square, Up Saw, Down Saw, Random and Sample-and-Hold) to modulate Pitch, Filter, Amp and continuous oscillator wave shapes including PWM

This highly flexible engine excels in producing the rich, warm, punchy, deep bass sounds that are the core of a high-quality monophonic synth, and brings a wide sonic palette of leads, drones, arps, sequences, sweeps and effects.

While UNO Synth is monophonic, its two independent oscillators can be tuned differently to generate interesting pad-like interval sounds and octaves. Pulse width modulation of each oscillator offers advanced modular-style timbres from classic synths.

The pure analog filter brings all the warmth, depth and fatness expected from a real analog synth. The multimode resonant filter can be used for subtle tonal modification or screaming, aggressive resonant sweeps. The filter can also be modulated with the filter envelope, LFO and performance buttons.

Ease-of-use with powerful programming
UNO Synth comes with 100 grab-and-go presets (80 fully rewritable), making it ready to play out of the box. Each preset also includes an associated arpeggio and sequence for even greater musical expression and sonic power. This makes it easy for everyone to find the perfect sound fast, for a productive and enjoyable experience.

More than 40 onboard controls are available on the top panel to give real-time access to synth engine parameters, for immediate sound sculpting capability with no deep menus to scroll through. For added control, a Mac/PC editor is also available.

The UNO Synth’s generous 27-note onboard multi-touch keyboard offers over two octaves of sound control as a chromatic keyboard or as a predefined scale keyboard with 13 available scales. The built-in arpeggiator with 10 arpeggio modes and a 4-octave range offers even more creative possibilities for keyboardists and non-keyboardists alike.

The UNO Synth keyboard also doubles as a step-edit control for its built-in, 100-pattern sequencer. Sequences can be programmed in real-time or in steps (with modulatable synth parameters per step), making the UNO Synth sequencer among the most powerful in its class.

In addition to a built-in delay effect, five instant performance modulations are also available (Dive, Scoop, Vibrato, Wah and Tremolo) for added real-time playability and instant dynamic expression during performances.

Ultra-portable, battery-powered, for on-the-go music
UNO Synth’s ultra-compact dimensions make it among the smallest monophonic synths available. Its light weight (only 400g) and battery power (4xAA included) or USB power-supply (for battery power banks) give musicians the freedom to make music anywhere.

Use it standalone, with other gear, or with a DAW
On its own, UNO Synth can be used to make music whenever and wherever inspiration strikes. The built-in audio input also allows for daisy chaining other external audio devices (like drum machines) with no additional mixer, for a small footprint and extreme portability.

MIDI IN and OUT enables connection to a master keyboard or any MIDI gear for use in a live or studio rig as a sound module. Via USB MIDI, UNO Synth also conveniently integrates directly with a DAW running on Mac/PC computers or mobile devices, without additional hardware interfaces.

Made in Italy
UNO Synth is proudly made in IK‘s own Italian manufacturing facility, to ensure the highest quality standards. Like the majority of IKhardware products, UNO Synth is built using a combination of IK‘s state-of-the-art, automated mounting machines and test systems, and fine, renowned Italian craftsmanship.

Pricing and availability
UNO Synth is available now for pre-order with free shipping from the IK Multimedia online store and from IK authorized dealers worldwide for the affordable price of only $/€199.99*, with shipping scheduled for July 2018.

* Price excluding taxes

For more information about UNO Synth, please visit:

To see UNO Synth in action:

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LITA FORD Miniature Guitar Warlock


Handcrafted Wooden Miniature Guitar Replica played by Legendary Guitarists

Product Features

  • Brand new Wooden Miniature Guitar 1:4 scale, 10″ tall (25 cm)
  • Handcrafted in Florida, USA. The best quality of miniature guitar in the market.
  • This collectible item is for decoration only (non-playable), It comes with Guitar stand
  • The listing/picture is from Artstudio35, which has been in the business of miniature guitar for 20 years
  • Be aware of poor quality imported miniature guitar from other sellers

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Ibanez 4 String Bass Guitar, Right Handed, Walnut Flat (GSRM20BWNF)


Don’t be fooled into thinking the Ibanez GSR Mikro is a toy. It’s made to the same high standards of the other GIO series guitars. The GSRM20B features, small scale SR body, full sound pickups, the same construction, same materials, and same set-up and inspection as its full size counterparts. Its shorter 28.6” scale makes it perfect for tour buses, space-restricted home studios, folks with smaller hands, as well as young rockers or beginners.

Product Features

  • Fast, slim Maple neck
  • Compact, light-weight Body
  • Dynamix P pickup
  • Short Scale 28.6″

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Yamaha Revstar RS320, Red Copper


No nonsense-stripped down, souped up and ready to rock, the RS320 is ready for whatever you can throw at it.

Product Features

  • Ceramic magnet and brass baseplate for powerful, punchy tone
  • H3 Hot output humbuckers
  • Solid Nato Body
  • Die cast Tuners, Tune-O-Matic Bridge
  • Set-in Neck with Thin Profile

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The Importance of SEO Training for Editorial Teams

Search engines typically represent one of the largest—if not the largest—traffic sources for websites and online publishers, in particular. And publishing houses’ editorial teams hold the keys to this traffic, so it only makes sense to align their efforts with a content strategy that is backed by keyword and topic search volume data. This article […]

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Auihiay 46 PCS Guitar Strings Changing Kit Guitar Tool Kit Including Guitar Strings Guitar Tuner Picks Capo Pins Guitar String Cutter and Winder for Beginner


Auihiay acoustic guitar tools kit can remover your worry about replacing strings!

It’s a basic tool kit to set up and adjust acoustic guitars, especially for pro guitar players, hobby guitarists or beginners, it is just starting their first guitar lesson.


Each package come with 12pcs 0.96mm thick durable guitar picks, they are random color but bright.
There are 12pcs guitar pins (6pcs white, 6pcs black), made of ABS, fit snugly and securely.

Package Included:

18 x Guitar strings (3 sets, 6pcs/each set)
12 x Guitar Picks (random color)
12 x Guitar Pins (6 white, 6 black)
1 x Guitar Capo
1 x Guitar Tuner(with instructions)
1 x Guitar String Cutter
1 x Guitar String Winder

Product Features

  • Powerful Package – Package include 3 sets of guitar strings(6pcs/each set,18pcs total), 12pcs guitar picks, 12pcs guitar pins, 1pcs guitar capo and 1pcs guitar string winder, 1pcs cutter and 1pcs guitar tuner, very nice tool kit, suitable for most guitar beginners
  • Smooth and Balanced Strings -Made of steel with unique rustproof coating, durable and practical. 1 set is multicoloured, 1 set is red, another is gold; Each set including 6 strings. Diameter: E-1st .011inch/0.27mm; B-2nd .014inch/0.35mm; G-3rd .025inch/0.64mm; D-4th .033inch/0.84mm; A-5th .041inch/1.03mm; E-6th .049inch/1.25mm
  • High Quality Tuner – High sensitive vibration, bright large LED display, easy to read. Install and choose the guitar mode, play the guitar strings, tighten the strings pointer to the left, loosen the strings while the pointer is to the right, adjust repeatedly until the pointer is centered, the LED display changes from blue to green
  • Guitar Capo – A common and necessary tool is applied in acoustic guitars singing, easily re-position with one hand to change between frets; Silicone pad will protect instrument against any scratches or damage, suitable for most guitars
  • Convenient and Practical – String winder and cutter can better help beginner change guitar strings. String winders help tighten strings and get pins out. Cutter cut off excess strings

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