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Leo Jaymz Single cut curved top GROVER machine heads Electric guitar full size with flag sticker design with high gloss color, include soft bag and extra Jaymz Light String set with Colorful Ball End


Set-in neck, hard maple neck and rosewood fingerboard, basswood body with 5 layers ABS binding, radian of the top, stainless steel strings, fixed bridge. Black lacquer background with AMAZING sticker design surface. 2 Volume & 2 Tone, 3 way switch. Fixed bridge system.

Product Features

  • Perfect single cut design, curved surface that with Amaaaazing US flag design.
  • With the wonderful sound heavy pickups on solid mahogany body that cavity inside.
  • Color ball end super light Jaymz strings in high quality that have installed and extra set as spare parts.
  • Original GROVER machine heads tuning more and more stable intonation.
  • Smooth rosewood fingerboard on comfortable C shape neck, thin and straight.

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Hagstrom SUSWEB-BLK Super Swede Bass Black


One of Hagstrom’s last projects before their Swedish production stopped was a collaboration between their chief guitar designer Per-Åke Olsson and Rutger Gunnarsson, bassist for the Swedish super-group ABBA. This resulted in the Super Swede Bass, which was used by Rutger throughout ABBA’s final North American tour in September/October 1979. Only 364 of these basses were produced before Hagstrom ceased guitar production in Sweden, and over the years they’ve become a sought-after collector’s item. Hagstrom’s original Super Swede bass had a neck-through design, a feature found typically on more expensive hand-crafted bass guitars. Neck-through basses offer unrestricted access to the highest frets since there is no heel needed to support the neck/body joint, and also tend to have more sustain than traditional set-neck or bolt-on instruments. All Hagstrom electric guitars and basses include their patented H-Expander truss rod. Providing tension at both ends and running the entire length of the neck, the rigid yet light-weight alloy truss rod allows for a very low action and thin neck, two factors that were instrumental in earning Hagstrom its reputation as the world’s fastest playing guitar. The H-Expander truss rod not only provides ultimate neck stability, but it also contributes to Hagstrom’s unique tone. Longer sustain and a round attack are some of the sonic characteristics the H-Expander adds to the tonal essence of Hagstrom. Resinator wood is a wood composite material that is both more uniform in density and more stable than any standard wood product. These characteristics eliminate dead spots or “wolf tones” sometimes associated with conventional wood fingerboards. Resinator wood has an articulate sound similar to high quality ebony, but without any of the problems associated with ebony. It provides a stable and clear tone, and also adds higher overtones and harmonics which uniquely detail each note. Like our H-Expander truss rod, Resinator wood is a major contributor to the distinctive “Hagstrom tone”.

Product Features

  • Pickups: 2 x Hagstrom Design J-Quad – quad-stacked Humbucker.
  • Controls: 2 x Volume, 1 x Tone.
  • Inlays: Hagstrom Perloid Block Inlays.
  • Bridge: Hagstrom Individual Adjustable Direct-Mount Saddles
  • H-Expander truss rod and Resinator fingerboard, providing the ultimate in playing surface stability and optimal tonal enhancement.

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Best Choice Products 41in Full Size All-Wood Acoustic Electric Cutaway Guitar Musical Instrument Set Bundle w/ 10-Watt Amplifier, Capo, E-Tuner, Gig Bag, Strap, Picks, Extra Strings, Cloth – Black


Get performance ready and turn up the volume with an acoustic-electric guitar set. The cutaway design produces a brighter sound and has the advantage of letting players reach higher notes. For a balanced sound profile, the 4-band guitar pickup can adjust the treble and bass levels. This way, you can have the perfect sound on stage or at home.

Perfect for Beginners or Pros
If you’re just starting to learn how to play, this guitar provides a superb playing experience without breaking the bank. For professionals, it’s perfect for practice on-the-go or as a spare guitar.

Complete Set
The set comes with everything to start playing right away, such as a guitar strap, guitar picks, and a guitar amp with an included cable! Just put the digital clip-on tuner on the headstock for easy tuning.

Pre-Installed Guitar Pickup
The guitar pickup lets you play through a guitar amp and allows for volume, treble, bass, and presence control. Also, a low battery indicator light lets you know to replace the battery.

Cutaway Design
Digital Clip-On Tuner
10-Watt Amp w/ Cable
4-Band EQ-7545R Guitar Pickup
Guitar Strap and Picks Included
Cleaning Cloth Included
Ready to Play

Guitar Dimensions: 40.5″(L) x 15.5″(W) x 4.5″(H)
Amp Dimensions: 11.25″(L) x 4.25″(W) x 11.5″(H)
Guitar Weight: 4.6 lbs.
Amp Weight: 6.9 lbs.
Guitar Material: Okoume/Spruce/Linden Wood
Cleaning Cloth Material: Cotton
Bag Material: Nylon, Foam
No assembly required

Package Includes:
Acoustic-electric guitar
Digital clip-on tuner
10-watt amplifier
Amp cable
(4) Guitar picks
Guitar strap
Set of replacement strings


Product Features

  • ACOUSTIC-ELECTRIC CUTAWAY: Equipped with a 4-band EQ-7545R guitar preamp and crafted with a linden wood top, back, and sides, and okoume wood neck
  • 41-INCH FULL-SIZE GUITAR: Perfect for players of all skill levels, from beginners looking for a great starter guitar and pros looking for a spare to practice with
  • 10-WATT AMP: Includes a guitar amp with volume, bass, and treble control, and an included amp cable
  • EXTRA ACCESSORIES: Includes a gig bag, digital clip-on tuner, 4 guitar picks, a guitar strap, replacement guitar strings, cleaning cloth, and a capo so you have everything you need
  • CARRYING BAG: Includes a padded nylon gig bag to protect it from dust and to take on the go; GUITAR DIMENSIONS: 40.5″(L) x 15.5″(W) x 4.5″(H)

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FLEOR High Output Alnico V Guitar Pickup Double Coil Humbucker Pickups Neck and Bridge Set (Cream+Black)


Item:Alnico 5 Guitar Double Coil Humbucker Pickup (Neck and Bridge Pickup).
Fits For Most Double Humbucker Guitar Parts Replacement . The Humbuckers are The Ultimate Humbucker for High Output and Clarity.
Neck and Bridge Position.
Alnico 5 Magnet, 6 Non-Adjustable Slug Pole Pieces & 6 Adjustable Screws Pole Pieces.
Fully Wax Potted and Sealed.
N represents Neck ,B represents Bridge.
One Pickup Includes 2 x Screws and 2 x Springs.

Position:Neck and Bridge Pickup Choose.
Magnet: Alnico 5( Alnico V ).
Pole Pieces:6 Non-Adjustable Slug Pole Pieces & 6 Adjustable Screws Pole Pieces.
Pickup Pole Spacing: Neck-50mm, Bridge-52mm.
Neck Pickup – Total Resistance: 7-8k ohms, Single Coil Pickup is 3-4 K ohms.
Bridge Pickup – Total Resistance: 14-15k ohms, Single Coil Pickup is 7-8k ohms.
Bobbin:ABS Bobbin,Zebra Colors.

Package Included:
2 x Double Coil Humbucker Pickup
4 x Screws
4 x Springs

Product Features

  • Double Coil Humbucker Guitar Pickup Fit For Electric Guitar or Similar Guitar.
  • Alnico 5 Magnet, 6 Non-Adjustable Slug Pole Pieces & 6 Adjustable Screws Pole Pieces.
  • Neck Pickup – Total Resistance: 7-8k ohms, Single Coil Pickup is 3-4 K ohms.
  • Bridge Pickup – Total Resistance: 14-15k ohms, Single Coil Pickup is 7-8k ohms.
  • Zebra color, Pickups come with bridge and neck pickup, 4pcs screws, 4pcs springs.

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ESP LTD MH-203QM Electric Guitar, See Thru Blue


The mhz-203qm offers the arched top of the ESP Horizon with the aggressive styling elements of the M series, all wrapped in an affordable high-quality instrument, and adds a quilted maple top in see thru blue finish. It offers the versatile H/s/s (humbucker/single coil/single coil) pickup configuration, making it great for many genres of music. The mhz-203qm features bolt-on construction of a mahogany body with a maple neck and maple fingerboard with 24 extra-jumbo frets, and includes an LTD by Floyd Rose tremolo.

Product Features

  • Designed with the arched top of the ESP Horizon with the aggressive styling elements of the M Series
  • All that is wrapped in an affordable high-quality instrument, with a quilted maple top in See Thru Blue finish
  • Offers the versatile H/S/S pickup configuration, making it great for many genres of music
  • Features bolt-on construction of a mahogany body with a maple neck fingerboard with 24 XJ frets and a Floyd Rose tremolo

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Line 6 Spider V 30 Modeling Amplifier


Sometimes more is more—and the Spider® V series of guitar amplifiers embraces that spirit, with more amp models, effects, practice tools, and flexibility than any amplifier in its class. And with several designs to choose from—from the new compact and streamlined Spider V 20 amp to the powerful Spider V 240 stereo models—there is a Spider V to fit every budget and every musical situation. With more than 100 carefully crafted presets—including Iconic Rigs based on classic songs, custom Artist Presets, and Line 6® originals—you can find inspiration the moment you plug in. And Spider V doesn’t just make you sound better, it can also help you play better with built-in practice tools such as a metronome and real drum loops. Add to that an onboard tuner, wireless compatibility for many models (with optional Relay® transmitter), and hands-free control via the Line 6 FBVTM 3 Advanced Foot Controller, and it’s clear that Spider V will do more to help you sound your best.

Product Features

  • Three times as many amp, cab, and effect models as other amps in its class
  • Fast and easy tone shaping with intuitive controls
  • Built-in tuner, metronome, and drum loops provide a complete practice toolset
  • 128 custom presets including Iconic Rigs & Artist Tones
  • Full-range speaker system for electrics, acoustics, and music playback
  • Compatible with the Line 6 FBV 3 Advanced Foot Controller

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Fingerstylist Jordan Brodie Talks about In Good Company, His Love of the Guitar and Influences


By: Rick Landers

Images: Courtesy of J.Brodie

Jordan Brodie

Jordan Brodie

Of late, Guitar International has been enjoying guitarists known for “fingerstyle” playing who work inside and outside the CAGE to find all kinds of choice sounds that can be melodic, dissonant, romantic and oftentimes otherworldly.

We happened upon Australian, Jordan Brodie, a few months ago who travels the path of some who led the path for him, including Tommy Emmanuel, Ralph Towner, Pat Metheny, Bruce Mathiske, Michael Fix, and Julian Lage.

Brodie’s 2018 release, In Good Company (MGM), offers up a fine bit of guitar mastery and showmanship, technical precision and nuance and has us anticipating his next release, even before In Good Company has made the rounds of his touring performances beyond his native shores. His debut album, First Take, made clear the young man’s guitar virtuosity and his performances proved a fine way to “wow” a growing huddle of fans.

He’d come a long way since his early fumbling with his Yamaha nylon-stringed guitar to today, with his outstanding clarity and accuracy in find the right notes, bending them intuitively and virtually telling a story through his masterful playing.

In Good Company took three years to pull together, while he was a student at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music. So, there was a bit of juggling between the books, guitar practice and songwriting.

And speaking of otherworldly, on the track, “Travels”, you’ll likely hear an instrument you’ve never heard before called a Handpan. Written during this travels in China, Brodie incorporated the instrument’s sonics broadening and deepening the songs ethereal appeal, almost keeping us on metallic rim or edge of balance and edginess.

Last year, Jordan toured Australia, Canada, Ireland and Germany and we’re looking forward to a future tour here in the States.


Rick Landers:  Listening to your music, I enjoyed not only the technical skills you use to weave around a song, but the emotional nuances, the phrasing and your movement from a point of a note to a light touch, almost like a soft brush of a sound. What road did you take on the guitar that led you to your style?

Jordan Brodie:  Thank you for the kind words! I started playing guitar like most seven year olds did – wanting to become a rock star! I have AC/DC to thank for that.  I was extremely lucky to have a great teacher, Andy Redhead, who introduced me to fingerstyle guitar, and more importantly, Tommy Emmanuel and Chet Atkins from a young age.

 I fell in love with the challenge and freedom of playing the bass, rhythm and melody simultaneously. I imitated them for years. But, studying jazz guitar at University was where my style really developed.


Jordan Brodie

I discovered Julian Lage. I was obsessed with him – the fact that he was an extraordinary jazz guitarist, but could play the most beautiful, delicate and simplistic melodies on acoustic guitar was eye opening.

His solo acoustic guitar album, World’s Fair, was a big turning point.  It was a much-needed fresh perspective to acoustic guitar! A few other artists are Ralph Towner and Pat Metheny.

Another massive feature of my style is my thumb-pick. Over time the tip of my thumb-pick wore down to almost no tip. And that’s how I kept it.

It allowed me to use the thumb-pick to create solid bass lines, while keeping my fingers free for melodies or chords. However, I also hold the thumb-pick like a plectrum to play faster single note lines, or for certain rhythmic strumming.  This is highlighted in the song “Luna”.

Rick:  Your track, “Luna” brought to mind Davey Graham’s “Angie” and I wondered if you studied his style and technique?

Jordan Brodie:  I actually haven’t heard of Davey Graham! I have some homework to do!

“Luna” was inspired by Julian Lage, in particular his tune “233 Butler from his album, Gladwell.

I think the main lick of “Luna” was drawn from Lage’s guitar etudes on YouTube. As I mentioned before, I was obsessed!  

Rick:  I’ve found each of my guitars has its own personality, feel and something like an old L-1 bites a bit more than, say a ‘40s J-45. What are you playing and what draws you to them? And, do you prefer a particular grouping of tone woods?

Jordan Brodie:  Absolutely! I play a Taylor 514ce. It’s been my main guitar for years. When I perform it handles numerous tuning changes without a hiccup.  Standard tuning to BGDGAD and back, no problem.

But, what I really love about this guitar is how the open tunings, like DADGAD or BGDGAD sound through an AER Amp into a PA. It is a huge, full sound! I haven’t played anything that compares yet.  So I suppose the Cedar/Mahogany combination is what I like at the moment.

Rick: You obviously excel in our world of guitar, but what other things do you do that you find inspiring enough to approach in a disciplined way?

Jordan Brodie:  I enjoy teaching and sharing my ideas and knowledge with my students! Apart from music, I’m a big Liverpool soccer fan. But, really, it’s music 24/7.

Rick:  Where are you at in Australia and what’s the music scene there like for instrumentalists, like yourself?

Jordan Brodie:  I live in Cairns, Queensland. For a regional city, there is a lot of music, and talented musicians around, but my plan has always been to tour rather than gig in one place! It’s a great place to base yourself though.

Rick:  Did you grow up in a family environment where music surrounded you or did you have to discover it?  Did you find you were obsessed with the guitar like a love affair of sorts?

Jordan Brodie:  Yes I did! I was surrounded by Australian rock and Americana music like AC/DC, Credence Clearwater Revival, Chris Isaak  and Johnny Cash etcetera. It’s definitely a love affair! It has never been anything else but the guitar for me. I’m 23 and my friends and family still buy me random guitar related gifts and accessories – I have too much, please stop feeding my addiction! I have other interests too!

Rick: I would tend to think that playing in smaller intimate venues with rich acoustics, that that environment would be a more inspiring place to play than, say a huge auditorium where that intimacy can get lost. What’s been your experience?  

Jordan Brodie:  I agree! Lately, I have been doing a lot of house concerts and my favourite aspect is the intimacy and that the audience can shout questions! I love it.

Rick:  Man, I just listened to “Song for You”, a beautifully melodic piece and your phrasing is touching. I can only imagine this song is for someone special. Would you elaborate on how this song came to be and if it has a deeper meaning that a song that just arrived out of the blue?  A sweet ending, as well…

Cover-Square-Print-Quality MGMJordan Brodie:  Thank you! This piece is written in BGDGAD a tuning I stumbled across and fell in love with. I wrote “Song For You” and “Until We Meet Again” around the same time  – both in the same tuning. Nothing can beat a strong melody, I take a lot of influence from Celtic melodies.

At the time of writing, my father was diagnosed with cancer, so these two pieces were an emotional reaction of having to live with the news and the reality of it. I dedicated my latest album to him. He was my biggest fan.

Rick: I always like to ask performers if they been on the street busking, especially if they’ve become well known, maybe just to see if they could survive on the street. What kinds of experiences do you have like that?

Jordan Brodie:  I have only ever busked as a kid down at my local shopping centre. It was great practice and not bad money for a kid. However, my dream was and still is to perform to people that sit still and quietly listen to me!

Rick:  Please, tell us about your latest release and what projects you’ve got churning around at the moment that we can all look forward to.

Jordan Brodie:  My new album, In Good Company, came out this year! It is a collection of songs that I wrote over three years while studying at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music.

It’s a special album to me. They are the last pieces my Dad heard before he passed away, so it’s a tribute to him.  

I spent the first part of the year touring Australia, Canada and Ireland. But, for now I get to spend the rest of the year writing, practicing and taking all of the culture and sounds in Europe.

Rick: Jordan, I love the mix of music you sent, each with its own stylish personality. I look forward to talking to you again on when your next release comes into play.

Jordan: I appreciate the kind words. Thanks for taking the time to interview me Rick! I’m always up for a chat. Until next time!

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Epiphone PPEG-EGGJWKNH3-US SG-Junior Player Pack, Worn Black


SG-Junior Electric Guitar Player Pack: Don’t be fooled by its price. Our entry-level SG-Junior is a rock-machine with its legendary humbucker pickup and trademark SG-shape.

Product Features

  • Classic SG-Shape: Since its introduction in 1960, this two-horned monster has graced the hands of some of the greatest guitarists of all time.
  • Rosewood Fingerboards: All Epiphone player packs feature guitars and basses with Rosewood fingerboards for smoother feel and longer life.
  • If you wanna Rock, you gotta have a humbucker! With its dual-coil, humbuckers are the choice of professional rockers worldwide. Rich, rock tone with no noise – don’t settle for less!

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Fender Player Stratocaster Electric Guitar – Maple Fingerboard – Polar White


The inspiring sound of a Stratocaster is one of the foundation of Fender. Featuring this classic sound-bell-like high end, punchy mids and robust low end, combined with crystal-clear articulation-the player Stratocaster is packed with authentic Fender feel and style. It’s ready to serve your musical vision, it’s versatile enough to handle any style of music and it’s the perfect platform for creating your own sound.

Product Features

  • Alder Body with gloss finish
  • Three player Series single-coil Stratocaster pickups
  • Modern C”-Shaped neck profile
  • 9.5″-Radius Fingerboard
  • 2-Point tremolo Bridge with bent-steel saddles

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Strong Wind Celluloid Guitar Picks with Pick Holder Case,12 Pack Includes Thin/Medium/Heavy for Acoustic/Bass/Electric Guitars


Strong Wind Celluloid Guitar Picks with Pick Holder Case,12 Pack Includes Thin/Medium/Heavy for Acoustic/Bass/Electric Guitars

Material: PU synthetic leather
Weight: 60g
Color: Black
1*Pick holder case
12*Guitar Picks

Product Features

  • Fashionable appearance Guitar Pick key chain made of high quality Oxford Cloth , Good firm to protect your picks and can Holder 12pcs Guitar picks. Good firm leather to protect your picks and keeps picks close at hand.
  • Guitar pick holder is a useful and unique gift for any guitar player. Guaranteed to be the hit of any gift giving situation, Birthdays, Christmas, Father’s Day, Graduation or anytime you would like to tell your guitar playing friend or family member how much you care!
  • 20 Small pockets for 20 picks, mesh pocket can hold 4 more picks; To keep your picks in good order
  • With a black lanyard allows you to carry it around or hang it on your guitar, no need to worry about losing your picks
  • Package included:1*picks holder case 12* guitar picks,We provide quality guarantee, and if there are any quality problems, please contact customer service in time, we will try our best to meet customer requirements.

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