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Ernie Ball 2221 Nickel Slinky Lime Guitar Strings – Buy 10, Get 2 Free


What a deal! Two free packs of Slinkys when you buy 10. Gauges 10-13-17-26-36-46. Ernie Ball 2221 Slinky Electric Guitar Strings feature nickel-plated steel wire wrapped around tin-plated, hex-shaped, steel core wire. Slinkys provide vibrant, bright, lasting tone and reduce fret wear. This weight balances maximum response from your pickups with playability and bendability. Ernie Ball replacement strings are precision manufactured to the highest standards and most exacting specs to assure consistency, optimum performance, and long life. Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Steve Vai, and Slash are among the long list of Ernie Ball Slinky players.

Product Features

  • Nickel-plated steel wire wrapped around tin-plated hex-shaped steel core wire provides vibrant, bright, lasting tone and reduces fret wear.

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Fret Zealot LED Guitar Learning Accessory – EASIEST and BEST Method to Learn To Play a Guitar for All Levels, Fits All FULL SIZE Guitars, IOS & Android App included (Epiphone Electric Kit)


Fret Zealot is a state-of-the-art LED addition to your guitar. It fits just above the frets and shows you exactly where to put your fingers to play anything you can imagine… in any color! Everyone wants to learn guitar, but few succeed. Fret Zealot pushes the gas pedal on learning and puts you in control of your musical experience. Replace frustration with fun and learn guitar on YOUR own guitar. The Fret Zealot app introduces intuitive learning with an impressive suite of features that’s continuously being improved and updated to make the best guitar learning environment on the market! It lets you learn quickly and intuitively without the constant distraction of looking at books, videos, or sheet music to find out where to put your fingers. You can concentrate on technique and finding your style right from the start. Fret Zealot was perfected after 5 years of development. The design is meticulous and will not interfere with the strings or frets. It’s compatible with any full size guitar (scale length 24.75″ – 25.5″). The rechargeable battery lasts 12 hours and clips onto the head stock of any brand of guitar. The audio cable connector can swapped for a longer one to fit or mount anywhere if you don’t want to clip it to your head stock. Free iOS and Android app for control via Bluetooth. Want to see more? Check out the glowing reviews of Fret Zealot from Digital Trends and Inc Magazine.

Product Features

  • Easiest method for learning to play guitar at ALL LEVELS
  • Display Notes, Chords, Songs, Scales, Effects right on the fretboard of YOUR guitar
  • Watch VIDEO LESSONS in the app and have them display live on your guitar
  • FREE Android and iOS apps and compatibility with Uberchord and Guitar 3D apps
  • PRE-INSTALLED on an Epiphone Les Paul VE Electric Guitar (Vintage Sunburst)

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Musiclily Pre-wired 6-String Single Coil Electric Cigar Box Guitar Soundhole Pickup Harness with Volume & Tone knobs Pots


100% new, High quality.
For acoustic guitar which has a sound hole, easy to install or remove
With Tone Control and Volume Control, Straight Jack
Highly feedback resistant and get greatly amplification

Frequency responses: 20Hz – 20KHz
Passive/active switch

[Package Including]: 1set Acoustic Guitar Pickup

Product Features

  • Fits 6 strings electric guitar
  • Made by metal alloy
  • Includes 6-Strings pickup,A500K mini pots,B500K mini pots,6.35mm(1/4 Inch) Jack,2A473J-0.047UF Capacitor,1 plastic volume knob,1 plastic tone knob,some with pickguard screws
  • String Spacing: 48mm; Color: Black ; Size: 80*20*15mm
  • Package Included: 1 Set guitar pickup

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Best Choice Products 41in Full Size Beginner Acoustic Cutaway Guitar Kit Musical Instrument Bundle Set w/Padded Case, Strap, Capo, Extra Strings, Digital Tuner, Polishing Cloth, 4 Picks – Sunburst


Learn to jam like the pros do with an acoustic guitar set perfect for beginning and experienced musicians. Complete with a guitar strap, digital E-tuner, and much more, this set has everything needed to start kickin’ tunes in no time! Its dreadnought body with cutaway design contribute to a quality, rich sound that caters to various styles of music. Utilize the included carrying bag to take the show on the road for gigs.

Overall Dimensions: 41″(L) x 15.75″(W) x 5″(H)
Weight: 6 lbs.
Material: Plywood
No assembly required

Package Includes:
41-inch guitar
Gig bag
Guitar strap
Guitar capo
Additional strings
Clip-on digital E-tuner
Polishing cloth
(4) Guitar picks


Product Features

  • ALL-INCLUSIVE GUITAR SET: Beginner acoustic guitar set comes complete with a strap, capo, digital tuner, polishing cloth, set of 4 guitar picks, and additional strings
  • FULL-SIZE BODY: Comfortably designed with a 41-inch, user-friendly body perfect for both beginning and experienced guitarists
  • BRIGHT, RICH SOUND: Play like the pros, as this guitar’s dreadnought body and cutaway design contribute to a vibrant tone suitable for all styles of music
  • USER-FRIENDLY FINGERBOARD: High-quality fingerboard includes 20 brass frets with position marks at each side of the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 12th, 15th, and 17th frets
  • CARRYING BAG INCLUDED: A foam padded nylon gig bag protects your guitar from damage in storage or on the road

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Guitar Book for Adult Beginners: Teach Yourself How to Play Famous Guitar Songs, Guitar Chords, Music Theory & Technique (Book & Streaming Video Lessons)


This book and streaming video course is all that you will ever need for getting started playing the most famous and cherished guitar songs!

Music Professor Damon Ferrante guides you through how to play the guitar with step-by-step lessons for adult beginners and streaming video lessons. This easy-to-follow method, used by thousands of guitar students and teachers, is designed to be interactive, engaging and fun.

No music reading is required! Learn great guitar songs!

The lessons will greatly expand your repertoire of beloved guitar songs and improve your guitar technique, creativity, and understanding of music. Whether you are teaching yourself guitar or learning with a music instructor, this book and streaming video course will take your guitar playing to a whole new level!

Ask yourself this:

1. Have you always wanted to learn how to play famous guitar songs, but did not know where to start?

2. Did you start guitar lessons once and give up because the lessons were too difficult?

3. Are you struggling to follow online guitar lessons that seem to jump all over the place without any sense of direction or consistency?

4. Would you like to expand your musical understanding and learn how to play the guitar through an affordable, step-by-step book and video course?

If your answer to any of the these questions is yes, then this beginner guitar book and video course is definitely for you!

The following great music is covered in this book and streaming video course:

* Amazing Grace 

* House of the Rising Sun
* Scarborough Fair 

* Shenandoah

* Happy Birthday

* Kum-Bah-Yah

* Jingle Bells

* Home on the Range

* This Little Light of Mine

* Take Me Out to the Ballgame

* Red River Valley 

* Silent Night
* When the Saints Go Marching In 

* Greensleeves
* Aura Lee

* And Many More Great Songs!

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Best Choice Products 30in Kids Classical Acoustic Guitar Complete Beginners Set, Musical Instrument Kit w/Carry Bag, Picks, E-Tuner, Strap – Pink


Introduce yourself to a new sound with this beginner-sized classical guitar. Complete with a digital E-tuner, extra strings, picks, carrying case, and more, it has everything you need to learn to play. Its high-quality design is complete with smooth tuning pegs that help to achieve the perfect sound. Tune it up and learn what it really means to jam out!

Comfortable String Height
Low action strings reduce hand fatigue and are easy on your fingers. This is ideal for beginners who are still building their hand and finger strength through practice!

Perfect for Beginners or Pros
If you’re just starting to learn how to play, this guitar provides a superb playing experience without breaking the bank. For professionals, it’s perfect for practice on-the-go or as a spare guitar.

Complete Set
The set comes with everything to start playing right away, such as a guitar strap, guitar pick, and extra strings! Just put the digital clip-on tuner on the headstock for easy tuning.

30in Beginner Size
Great for Children
Digital Clip-On Tuner
Guitar Strap and Picks Included
Ready to Play

Guitar Dimensions: 30″(L) x 11″(W) x 2.75″(H)
Weight: 2.3 lbs.
Material: Wood
No assembly required

Package Includes:
Digital tuner
Guitar strap
Guitar pick
Set of replacement strings
Pitch pipe
Carrying bag


Product Features

  • PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS: The small design of this classical acoustic guitar is easy for kids to use, and perfect for adults who want a small beginner guitar
  • HIGH-QUALITY GUITAR DESIGN: Made with low-action strings to prevent finger straining and a compact 30-inch body to let beginners to learn easily
  • BEAUTIFUL TONE: Nylon strings and the classical-style body create a warm and resonant sound, with smooth tuning pegs for easy tuning
  • EXTRA ACCESSORIES: Includes a gig bag, digital clip-on tuner, guitar pick, a guitar strap, pitch pipe, and replacement guitar strings so you have everything you need
  • CARRYING BAG: Includes a nylon gig bag to protect it from dust and to take on the go; GUITAR DIMENSIONS: 30″(L) x 11″(W) x 2.75″(H)

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Carol Kaye on Bass


This was meant to be up in time for International Women’s Day, but studio arrangements have kept me away from the blog. This is an amazing hour long interview with bass legend Carol Kaye, from The Snapshots Foundation, which makes for compelling watching. If you aren’t familiar with Carol, you WILL have heard her play. […]

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The Piglet guitar build project, part 7


After much filling in and sanding, on Sunday I thought I was ready to begin spray painting.

However, no sooner had I attached a piece of wood into the neck pocket to act as a handle and something to hang the guitar body from while spray painting, than I noticed a deep saw line on the side of the body near the neck pocket which I had somehow missed (see above photo).

I had to fill it in with woodfiller and sand it back three times before I was happy with the smoothness of that area, but at last today – a couple of days later than intended – I was ready to begin spray painting.

 I’m using rattle cans for the whole finishing process, beginning here with a white primer.

First coat done, front and back. Having let it dry I noticed that the initial coat had brought up the grain in the plywood forming both front and back, so I sanded the whole thing again until getting a silky smooth finish and after cleaning away the dust I have re-sprayed.

We’ll see what it looks like in the morning.

G L Wilson

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Fender FA-125CE Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar, Natural Finish


6-string Acoustic-electric Guitar with Laminate Spruce Top, Basswood Body, Nato Neck, Hardwood Fingerboard, and Fishman Electronics – Natural

Product Features

  • 6-string Acoustic-electric Guitar with Laminate Spruce Top
  • Fishman Electronics – Natural
  • Hardwood Fingerboard

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KERRY KING Miniature Mini Guitar BC Rich wartribe Slayer


Miniature Guitar of Legendary Guitarist.

Product Features

  • The miniature guitar is brand new replica 1:4 scale (9-10″ tall)
  • Highest Quality and flawless, made of wood
  • NON-playable, and for display/decoration only
  • Miniature Guitar of Legendary Guitarist
  • It comes with a free stand

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