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Epiphone Jack Casady Signature Semi-Hollow 4 String Bass Guitar, Metallic Gold


Bass legend Jack Casady of Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna worked closely with Epiphone engineers to create his popular Signature bass. Jack put special emphasis on the exclusive JCB-1 low-impedance pickup which is the secret behind the natural bass tone that high-impedance and active pickups cannot obtain. Its long-scale semi-hollow Maple body is set to a Mahogany neck with Rosewood fingerboard. Chrome hardware, including a fully-adjustable 3-point bridge.

Product Features

  • Laminate Maple body
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • 34 scale
  • Electric Bass Guitar
  • Rosewood fretboard, 34 scale
  • Chrome hardware, including a fully-adjustable 3-point bridge

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The Piglet guitar build project, part 11


Picking up from where we left off last time, here I have painted in the outline of the piglet, using the carbon lines as a guide. Finally we’re getting to see what this little piggy is going to look like, and that it isn’t just some weird random-shaped pink blob.

I couldn’t resist putting the neck into the pocket to give a better idea of the proportions of the whole guitar.

After waiting several days for the dry rub-off decal paper I’d bought to arrive in the post, this morning I was busy printing off the more detailed parts of the pig’s features.

I printed spare copies but try as I might I just couldn’t get on with that decal paper. Today must have been the most frustrating part of this entire guitar build to date. I mean, I thought some of the sanding between coats of the finish was hard going, but this damned dry rub-off decal paper had me tearing my hair out.

Somehow, probably more through luck than judgement, I did manage to get three piece of transfer onto the guitar – one ear and both sets of trotters. I tried the snout and the eyes but after wasting about half a day and nearly half of my decal paper supply, I decided to abandon that approach and look for another method to realise the piggy’s features.

Luckily I remembered that I still had some sheets of water-slide transfer paper. I had previously used some of this on a cigar box guitar build and recalled it being relatively easy to use. So I set the printer back to work, printing out the piglet’s features all over again. It was just as well I’d bought and installed new printer cartridges, considering the amount of toner I was getting through.

Water-slide transfer paper requires being sprayed with a couple of coats of varnish before it can be applied, so while I was waiting for that to dry I set to work painting the various areas of shading around the outside of the pig’s body so as to create a three-dimensional effect. Note the areas to the back of the legs, the belly, the jaw, the edges of the ears, etc.

Finally I got to apply those water-slide transfers and they went on very nicely indeed. It took me a few minutes arranging the pig’s eyebrows so as to give him (her?) the correct friendly expression but I think I got it about right. It had started getting dark by the time this photo was taken, so it is a little pixellated, but I think you get the idea.

It’s really taking shape now. Next job will be to start the clear-coating.

G L Wilson

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Peavey Pvi 100 Dynamic Vocal Cardiod Microphone with XLR Cable and Clip Including On Stage Boom Microphone Stand


The Peavey PVi 100 is a nifty little microphone that allows you to catch and amplify the sound around you. Designed as a microphone to be suspended over choirs and instrument ensembles, the Peavey microphone does well to reinforce the sound it perceives. Adding to the usage convenience, the dynamic consumer microphone sports a switch that allows toggling between on-off conditions. The Peavey microphone features cardioid that is designed for stand-mount application. The dynamic consumer microphone includes a carrying pouch, microphone clip and a 6-meter long cable that allows convenient usage. The versatile sonic characteristics and the simple usage makes the Peavey PVi 100 a good choice.

Bundle Includes:

Peavey Pvi 100 Dynamic Vocal Cardiod Microphone with XLR Cable and Clip On Stage MS7701B Euro Boom Microphone Stand (Black)

Product Features

  • Dynamic cardioid microphone designed for stand-mount application
  • Versatile sonic characteristics and the simple usage
  • Features easy-to-use On/Off switch
  • Formatted to be suspended over choirs and instrument ensembles
  • Includes carrying pouch, mic clip and 6 meter XLR cable

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ESP LM50FRNOR Solid-Body Electric Guitar, Neon Orange


Take an attractively low-priced guitar, add an “LTD by Floyd Rose” tremolo, and then finish it in exciting neon finishes that stand out from the crowd, and you have the new M-50FR.

Product Features

  • The ESP LTD M-50FR Neon Orange has a Basswood Body with a Maple Neck
  • This guitar comes equipped with an LTD by Floyd Rose Bridge
  • It has a Rosewood Fingerboard with a Bolt-On Neck and a 25.5″ Scale, with 24 Extra Jumbo Frets and an Extra Thin Flat Neck shape
  • The pickups are ESP Designed

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Guitar Picks 48pcs,PPpanda Guitar Plectrums For Your Electric, Acoustic, or Bass Guitar 0.46 0.58 0.71 0.84 0.96 1.2mm


HIGH QUALITY NICE TIN :Protect your picks from loss.
VARIETY COLORS:Multiple color options.
PACKAGE INCLUDE :Guitar picks 48 pcs 0.46mm x 8 pcs 0.58mm x 8 pcs 0.71mm x 8 pcs 0.84mm x 8 pcs 0.96mm x 8 pcs 1.20mm x 8 pcs

Product Features

  • 🎸MATCH ALL YOUR THICKNESS NEEDS: Includes 6 size – 0.46 0.58 0.71 0.84 0.96 1.2mm,From thin to thick, there’s always one for you.
  • 🎸HIGH QUALITY : Made from celluloid, the premier guitar pick material.
  • 🎸STANDARD SHAPE :The smooth surface makes you comfortable for playing.
  • 🎸VARIETY COLORS :With many different styles and colors to match your specific playing needs.
  • 🎸100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – If you are not satisfy with our products, we offer 1 quarter money refund guarantee

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Acoustic Guitar Primer Book for Beginners – Deluxe Edition (DVD/CD)


The Acoustic Guitar Primer Book for Beginners Deluxe Edition features step by step instruction, a beginner songbook, a DVD video, and 2 audio jam CDs in one complete package. This step by step lesson was designed to take the beginner through the basics of learning how to play the guitar, including rhythm and lead playing. The student starts off by learning beginning concepts like parts of the guitar, proper playing position, strumming, chords, and how to read guitar tabs. Later you will learn how to play easy songs and then more advanced techniques. The course includes a complete chord chart, an hour of video instruction, and all music is written in both standard music notation and tablature with lyrics and melody lines. The companion audio CDs contain 18 songs played at three speeds each along with an acoustic band, including vocals. These songs include Tom Dooley, Worried Man Blues, Roll In My Sweet Baby’s Arms, Dark Hollow, Amazing Grace, Pallet On Your Floor, Way Downtown, Wabash Cannonball, and others.

In addition to the DVD and Audio CD, all video lessons and audio tracks are also available for online access.

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Kmise MI0027H2 Guitar Humbucker to Mini-Humbucker Adapter Pickup Ring


100% new High quality and testing is fine Item 100% like the picture shown This is an adapter for you to install a Mini-Humbucker pickup in a Humbucker pickup hole.  Single ply in BLACK color. Brand New With Protective Film On The Top. Package include:2pcs 

Product Features

  • Single ply in BLACK color.
  • Brand New With Protective Film On The Top.
  • This is an adapter for you to install a Mini-Humbucker pickup in a Humbucker pickup hole. 

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BNL Gordon – 25 Years On


It was great to see Barenaked Ladies be inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame at the Juno Awards in Vancouver recently. And even better, founding member Steven Page rejoined the band for a short performance. Although the Page and BNL have continued to release albums separately, it was a reminder of just how strong they were together. 

Here's a video of their performance at the Junos.

I saw BNL live a couple of times in the 90's and they were always full of energy. They had big hits with "One Week," "The Old Apartment," and "It's All Been Done" among others selling more than 15 million albums worldwide. But it all started with "Gordon," which was a massive in Canada upon its release in the summer of 1992.

So how does "Gordon" stand up today? Very well! It's a wonderful quirky and unique album. Clocking in at 59 minutes, its effectively a double album. BNL had a unique style stemming from the strong vocal harmonies of founders Steven Page and Ed Robertson. They also had a distinct rhythm section coming from the double bass and occasional congas, rather than a standard rock electric bass and full drum kit. And they blended elements of pop, folk and jazz… but oh, those vocal harmonies. 

The songs on "Gordon" range from the delightful "Hello, City" to the goofiness of "Grade 9" and the anguish of "Brian Wilson." There's melancholy mixed in with up-tempo crazy and lounge lizard jazz.  It's an odd mix that shouldn't work, but does because of the great musicianship and vocals. There are 15 tracks on the album and in my view 14 of them are excellent. (I would leave off "New Kid (On the Block)" though others might chose "Grade 9" or "Box Set.") Oh yeah, and it has "If I had $1000000." You can't help but listen to this album and smile.

 While everyone made a strong contribution to this album, there is no doubt that Steven Page's songwriting and vocals helped make "Gordon" a masterpiece. If Page should ever reconcile with his former bandmates to rejoin for a tour, it would be every fan's dream.   

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WINGO Wooden Guitar Capo for Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar,Bass,Ukulele- Rosewood with 5 Picks



***HIGH PERFORMANCE – Stays in Tune with a Great Intonation in All Frets.

***EASY TO MOVE – Super Fast to Change Between Frets. It Fits Perfectly Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Ukulele, Banjo, Folk Guitars and Mandolin

***NO SCRATCHES – High Quality Silicone Pad Will Protect Your Instrument Against Damage

***NO FRET BUZZ – It uses a mechanical steel spring with internal memory to provide strength and fatigue resistance.


Material: Aluminum alloy, Rubber

Package: 1*Guitar Capo

Size: 8.0*7.8 *1.2 cm /3.2*3.1* 0.47 In

Product weight: 1.2oz

WINGOMUSIC is committed to give customer an excellent shopping experience ,if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us., We will reply you in 24 hours. In every customer relationship, WINGOMUSIC strives to be a trusted partner and seek to achieve customer satisfaction.

Product Features

  • ✔︎Quick Release : super easy to clip on guitar and quick to change. It can even change keys during a song,just clamp it and let your song fly.
  • ✔︎Versatile: this capo can suit your acoustic electric 6-string guitar ,banjo,mandolin or ukulele well.
  • ✔︎No Buzz :perfectly balanced pressure for that clear tone with strong spring.
  • ✔︎Well Made:much thicker silicone pad protect your guitars from scratches or demage. High-Grade aluminum alloy for better lock and long time use.
  • ✔︎What you get: Unique beautiful wood finish capo with 5 medium picks. Rock & Roll with this capo,and it comes with lifetime warranty.

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Joel Rafael with John Trudell’s Bad Dog at WoodyFest July 11, 2018


Press Release

Source: Jensen Communications


Joel Rafael with John Trudell’s Bad Dog – Photo image courtesy of Jensen Communications

After their show-stopping set in the Pastures of Plenty at last year’s WoodyFest, the Woody Guthrie Coalition is thrilled to begin this year’s festival with a special benefit presentation of Joel Rafael with John Trudell’s Bad Dog.

This noteworthy performance will take place on Wednesday, July 11 at the historic Crystal Theatre in Okemah to kick off the 21st annual Woody Guthrie Folk Festival and the performances of more than 90 musicians over the three day music festival.

Joel Rafael, a longtime student of Woody Guthrie, has composed the music to five Guthrie lyrics and released two albums of new and familiar Guthrie songs. His return to Okemah this summer will mark his 21st performance at WoodyFest.

Besides bringing his own songs to the stage, Rafael has teamed up with Bad Dog, the seminal band and alter ego of John Trudell. Trudell, a spoken word activist, helped lead the Occupation of Alcatraz Island in 1969 and was chairman of American Indian Movement leader from 1973-79.

After hearing John Trudell speak at Peace Sunday, in 1982, Rafael became an advocate for Indigenous Rights, sharing John’s words and following his trail for over 20 years until the two began regularly performing and eventually writing together.

After John’s transition to the spirit world in December 2015, John Trudell’s band, Bad Dog asked Joel to carry on Trudell’s work by performing with them. Bad Dog is Mark Shark on lead guitar and vocals, Ricky Eckstein on keyboards and bass, Billy Watts on electric guitar and vocals, Debra Dobkin on percussion and drums, Quilt Sahme and son Tewahnee on vocals, and Joel Rafael, spoken word.

John Trudell did not set out to be a poet. He took that road primarily through a series of detours, and his poetic and political sensibilities were forged by the remarkable, sometimes horrifying circumstances of his life, including the deaths of his three children, his wife and unborn child, and his wife’s mother, which sent him into a state of wandering and despair.

His “lines,” as he called them, are thought-provoking pathways to greater thinking and appreciation of ourselves, and our relationship to the earth, and the stars. To carry on his lines, the members of Bad Dog walk away from their various bands and artistic pursuits to bring John’s words to the stage.

Tickets for the Wednesday night show will be $40 and go on sale Friday, June 1st. Doors will open at 7:30 pm for the 8:00 pm show. All seats are general admission. If available, tickets will be sold at the door for $45. All proceeds support the Woody Guthrie Coalition and their efforts to preserve Guthrie’s legacy and to bring the best music to WoodyFest. The Crystal Theatre is located at 401 W Broadway St, Okemah, OK 74859.

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