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Oscar Schmidt OE20G Electric Guitar – Gold


Oscar Schmidt Electric Guitars, OE20G, Rosewood Fingerboard, Stop Tail Bridge, Gold Top

Product Features

  • stoptail
  • die cast tuners
  • HH pickup configuration
  • volume and tone controls
  • maple Neck
  • Stoptail, Die cast tuners
  • Volume and tone controls, Maple Neck

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Anonymous says:

The secret hidden from most guitar players……go for it on this one. This guitar is beautiful. I have been playing for many years and was an Ibanez freak. Everything Ibanez. I needed a fresh of breath of air with a new guitar style. Basically me and the boys took the stage to pay respect to one of our fallen brothers and dropped two sets of the band Social Distortion. This guitar has a great sleek neck to compliment my playing style of the Ibanez RG series. I was concerned about ordering a guitar off the net without ever playing it. I was like, hope it…

Anonymous says:

WoW… Good looks and quality performance I had done research and the review were good, I had no first hand experience with the brand and was a bit skeptical for that reason. the price was at a low point so I dropped the hammer. Nothing is perfect but I’ll not nit pick a item for not being ultimate show car quality. Minor waves from polishing is not a defect. Its reality from a production environment. The total package from appearance to performance is excellent. It arrived with out damage and was double boxed…

Anonymous says:

Quality guitar for a great price Update: Electronics are shot. Don’t know if it’s the wiring or bad pots or pups but it just sounds awful now. Gonna upgrade to Duncan sh-4 & sh-2n eventually and rewire./updateVery nice guitar. Did a lot of research, looked and read about a lot of guitars. It was between this one and an Epiphone GT LP and I’m 100% confident I made the right choice. I already own an Oscar Schmidt OE30 and it is a VERY nice guitar so I’ve already had a great experience with Oscar Schmidt…

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