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OriPure Handmade Pickup Alnico 5 Double Coil Guitar Humbucker Bridge Pickup 16.6K – Adjustable Pole Pieces


Type: Double Coil Humbucker Guitar Pickup.High Quality Handmade Pickup.
Model: OHJ5-B.
Position: Bridge.
Fit for Strat style, Les Paul electric guitar or similar guitar.
Magnet: Alnico 5.
Pole Pieces:Adjustable Hexagonal Screw Pole Pieces.
Pole Spacing: 52mm.
Resistance: 16.6K-17K.
Peak Frequency:7.3H.
Based on the frequency ratio of each pickup per se: Treble-30%; Middle-40%; Bass-30%.
Base: White Copper.
Output line: PVC Wirings ,4 Output can be Switched to Single.
Fully Wax Potted and Sealed.
Each Pickup Includes Screws and Springs.
Tones Features: Solid and strong, with great force of impact. It has a good granular and elastic sound.
Note: All parameters for reference, the actual may be a bit deviation. The actual effect of tone will be a little different from different guitars or related equipment.

Product Features

  • Solid and strong, with great force of impact . It has a good granular and elastic sound.
  • Alnico 5 double coil guitar humbucker pickup, adjustable hexagonal screw pole pieces, ideal for electric guitar BRIDGE position.
  • 16.6K-17K Output, fully wax potted and sealed to eliminate any unwanted feedback and noise.
  • Black guitar humbucker, white copper base, 4 output PVC wiring can be switched to single.
  • Bridge pickup come with screws and springs, easy to install.

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