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North Korean Children Playing Guitar 北朝鮮の子供たちによるギター演奏

They are all kindergarteners in Chongjin City, North Korea.

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HpMatthew Thelord says:

Those fake smiles though…..

Novi Ajar says:


Vess Bless says:

How old are this kids ?

Steve Kempe says:

They have no idea how popular they have become. YouTube is not allowed in
N.Korea. No communication with the outside world is allowed. I’m curious
how this video got out. It’s amazing what 18 hours of practice a day will
do. Amazing.

ZaCTHERippeR1990 says:

Anyone know the name of the song they’re playing?

Jaron Ward says:

HOLY CRAP!!! Just when I thought I was becoming a decent guitar player, I
go and get shown up by Korean munchkins. I feel so ashamed. lol.
North Korean Children Playing Guitar 北朝鮮の子供たちによるギター演奏

CJ H says:

You say “Americans” like each and every one of us has a real possibility to
change what our government invests in and how our economic system and
military is portrayed throughout the world. You think you’re so goddamn
smart, but really you’re the very worst kind of ignorant, the type where
you aren’t ignorant because you’re uninformed or unable to comprehend, but
because you think you’re better than everyone else so you generalize
massive groups and think you’re smart in doing so. Wake dafuck up

axa says:

БРАВО! Прелесть, дети – ангелы

guitaristclassiker says:


Long live the Communism Revolutions says:

holy shit they re talented

emmet murray says:

this is fucked up to put kids through this shit music is about exspression
not perfection. they are going to grow up soooo brain washed

Евгений Золотавкин says:

Какие молодцы!

tserubi says:

作り笑いが半端なく不快に感じる。 最後の拍手も用意していた音を流しただけだし・・・・

NicholasTLT says:

Браво! Браво! Молодцы корейцы!!

Gilles Bruyere says:

See what discipline can do. It doesn’t matter you are from.

tessboman says:

super talented!!!!

Ben Baucom says:

My brain is crying. WHAT THE HECK

flowhawke says:

who’s lil wayne?

Brandon Gudiño Garcia says:

que cagados xD

OldSenei says:

@HallyneJw О! my dear! A career as a professional musician starts with 3-6
years. If you can not play Mozart in 5 years or if you can not play Chopin
at your 15 years you should forget about becoming a professional musician.

evgesh1YT says:

в стиле неуловимых мстителей…..

Jesse Walker says:

…the guitars are twice their size… and of course theyre asian

Hans Bjorn Kroneberg says:

North Korea couldn’t possibly be an Atheist country since they have they
have so many talented beautiful little Angels!

rcg garcia says:

Lmao! This made me giggle >.> i love how they really seem to enjoy it :?

hal9000xxl says:

Ha ha ha ha!!! Awesome you made me laugh dude lol. I sign every letter you
wrote lol.

kimse575 says:


pustel says:

stupid racsm motherfucker die in hell

RustyGold says:

How do you know that they aren’t liking what they do? Maybe they want to,
they look happy. Also, music is about liking it, not expression. Many
people say that it is about expression but truthfully there only is music
because people enjoy it. It may so happen that they DO use music to express
themselves, but that is not what music as a whole is about.

Crazelord91 says:

one thing’s forsure, they’r better at guitar than lil wayne

tessboman says:

@vinnothelizard : Sicko!!!

calebrod02 says:

Cocacolaopenhappiness I thank u for praising lord Jesus. I love you, you
worthy man. May God bless you in heaven. amen

samblumenshineable says:

U bwing great shame to famary u hit chord Wong dying shing pooo

vladivostok730 says:


tt901901 says:

This is like horror movie

Akash Solanki says:

Fuck you all Poor Souls, Listen to these kids and get yourself a little
Higher. Have no words for these kids. Just speechless!!

tessboman says:

@vinnothelizard : you’re a very sick bastard!!!

Admiral Akbar says:

eww Jimmy Page isnt an Asin, he is a guitar god

klee4 says:

Pot calling kittle black,,,, look at your backyard…

damir611 says:

rotten west, eat yourself!

bryncomeaux says:

or one giant rant on behalf of the many more innocents killed in response
to it!

aGingeAggrieved says:

Hip hop is probably one of my favourite genres, in fact I’ve been producing
hip hop for about 5 years (but more often produce other styles which are
influenced by hip-hop). However, most hip-hop is shit, it’s just that the
good hip-hop is fucking awesome. Also, radiohead is my favourite band, so
I’m also into misery-rock too xD

kevin mochtar says:

RIP kim jong il :P

Simon Christensen says:

Well, I totally agree it’s horrible. But, isn’t liking the video a better
option to enlighten people about the problems going on in north korea? The
more likes the more likely it is of the video being spread. What I really
find offensive is the scum who insults this little girl (brainwashed or
not) or her parents for that matter. The more likes the more likely it is
of the video being spread. I find it extremely unlikely that they were a
part of setting up this north korean regime.

Esther van Beek says:

I dont like this product off nord korea. It looks these children are happy,
however they are forced to propagandise there country. Its a country were
people are very poor and not knowing whats happening in the rest of the

Carolus Widiyatmoko says:

ada yg pake gaya gibas gibis segala….. moga2 mereka tetap anak2 yg
merdeka ….

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