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New 30″ Kids Black Electric Guitar With Amp & Much More Guitar Combo Accessory Kit


This guitar has an attractive black finish. Not only will you receive a guitar, but you will receive a amp, cable cord, guitar strap and guitar picks. Your child will be playing his or her favorite tunes with practice and dedication.

FEATURES: Excellent quality; Specification: 30″; Solid hardwood body; Neck: Hardwood with truss rod; Finger board: rosewood; 22 Frets; Regulator: Volume X1

INCLUDES: 30″ electric guitar; 5 watt amp; Guitar cable cord; Guitar strap; Guitar picks.

Product Features

  • 30″ size
  • Solid hardwood body
  • 5 Watt amp
  • Volume X1
  • Guitar cable cord, strap and pick

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goshencooks says:

Nice little guitar I bought this for my 6 year old grandson as a Christmas present so he hasn’t received it yet. We took it out and hooked it all up. The guitar is really cool, nice shiney black, just like a real guitar only smaller. One of the strings needed to be tightened. When I seen the little amp I was worried. We hooked it up to the guitar and it doesn’t sound too bad. A little squelchy when the volumn is all the way up but I think he will be tickled to death with this. The amp didn’t come with the ac/dc…

Shane says:

great set to introduce your child to the guitar My son has watched me play guitar for many years and seen pictures of me in my younger years playing with my band in bars and events. a few years ago I got him a cheap guitar from wal-mart, had an amp set in the guitar (P.O.S.). he lost intrest due to the terrible features and all around design flawes. now on to the review I recieved this product in a very timely manor – about 4 days and was very satisfied with the profesional packing and overall condition. After taking the guitar…

Happy says:

Satisfied Customer This is an excellent product. Quality is excellent the sound is amazing. I bought this Guitar as a beginner for my Son and it has been well worth my money. I was very pleased with this company, the product was delivered at a very timely matter. It was delivered to me within 3 days.

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