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My Top 10 Death Metal Guitar Solos

These are my favourite Death Metal Solos. Please don’t critize them. I just say, that I like them best. Probably you have other likings. Anyways, if you have…

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Hadegel says:

sounds like poop

Ar0474 says:

Fleshgod Apocalypse <3 FUCK YEAH!

Fredrik Svensson says:

You should listen to the solo in Gothic Belief by Archaios. Epic solo and
an original style of death metal.

ScorpionCore says:

@doberman22kr thank you so much!

Bubba Windrow says:

“A Sudden Sense of Clarity” by Descend has a very good solo. Honestly the
only way I can describe it is beautiful. Haven’t heard anything that I
liked as much except Dime, AA, In mourning, maybe a few other bands.

Das Thomas says:

Amon Amarth is Viking/Nordic Metal….not Death metal

DragonTundraBand says:

Is it just me or does Ralph Santolla not sound death metal when soloing at
all. He is a brilliant player, but if someone heard his solos without
hearing the rest of the song they would be thinking speed metal or
instrumental rock. He should totally try and meet up with Marty Friedman,
and perhaps they could be the next Cacophony lineup. But also, where is A
Moment Of Clarity and Homage For Satan on this list? they are great solos

doberman22kr says:

love them!!

ScorpionCore says:

@DeathMetalFusionSlam haha you wouldn’t believe it but i got to know
necrophagist maybe 2 weeks after i uploaded this video and i have to admit
that they have the best solos! necrophagist should be nr. 1 FOR SURE =)

Ara Semerja says:

These are good but where necrophagist!

james fitzpatrick says:

where art thou vital remains?

ScorpionCore says:

maybe :) – but there are weird people on youtube so maybe not^^

ScorpionCore says:

slipknot is not death metal. and the other bands dont have solos i
especially liked.

lukulus123 says:

omfg where is slipknot, sucide silence and here comes the kraken????? O__o

julio vazquez says:

no necrophagist¿?¿?

WButterTBWButter says:

amon amarth is melodic death, just saying

ScorpionCore says:

just not my taste sry :)

Kangaroo says:

nice and brutal

HiveBeresrker says:

Cast Down The Heretic by Nile. The power blew my mind

Arthur Shepley says:

Where’s the Allegaeon!?!?!?

ScorpionCore says:

just not my taste sry :)

Hussain Murtaza says:

And they say that death metal is talentless

extrememetal100 says:

I love the tempo change in Rapture’s Solo

DarkEintopf says:

where is Death in Fire from Amon Amarth?

Lucifer Saatana says:

I know it’s not death metal, but Ol’drake from Evile… his solo’s are

ScorpionCore says:

@tearo i haven’t heard this song before, but if i had, they would be in
this video :)

vikernesburzum says:

i think you just got trolled by this guy :P

ScorpionCore says:

thx man, i listened to it and it’s really nice! could well be on this list

Firas Msaddi says:

Vader’s Revelations of Black Moses should be there..

ScorpionCore says:

as i already said, i didnt know them when i made this video, but if i did
they would be nr.1

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