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My Beat (Documentary) Excerpt – Bruce Cockburn Playing Guitar

Bruce Cockburn’s technical ability as a guitar player is phenomenal – See more in this clip from the documentary “My Beat: The Life & Times of Bruce Cockburn…

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Kensington Communications, Inc. says:

Thanks so much for all the comments on our video with Bruce Cockburn! Find
the feature length documentary: “My Beat” on kensingtontv . com’s store! :)

BlueNote says:

Does anyone know if the passage that Bruce plays at the very beginning of
the clip is one of his songs or was that just something he improvised on
the spot?

JCKAMK says:

Amazing stuff. I love all kinds of guitar music, this stuff gives me goose
bumps. Bruce & Earl Klugh & Keb Mo & Albert Lee & David Hidalgo & Hershel
Yatovitz and all the rest of them make life worth living.

Rob Davidson says:

Bruce Cockburn!Canada’s best kept secret!

Ed Walmsley says:

Incredible artist and humanitarian. Hope he lives to be 100.

AndrewBravener says:

So glad my dad brought me up listening to Bruce. My children will know him
as well someday.


FYI it’s pronounced KO-Burn

anitadavideduo says:

He’s great like his music!

pigletized says:

Musicians Musician!

salm37 says:

Great guitar player!

gtrrobster says:

Don Ross too…. Canada

csjackson97 says:

cockburn? Wow what an unfortunate name.

gilchannel says:

Fantastic! I’ve been a Bruce Cockburn fan for decades. Where can I get the
full documentary? Is a DVD available?

5CinqSaisons says:

Open channel

dingoswamphead says:

Thanks for sharing this, Bruce and Kensington. I have seen the master
several times live but never close enough to see the way he sticks his
right pinky out like that. Next thing is to look at his remarkable tunings.

gilchannel says:

Should have read the description, thanks.

Karl Whitacre says:

Cockburn indeed

tarkineWild says:

Walk away you naive child

peelingtacoma says:

When BC was asked who his 1st & 2nd favorite songwriters were, he said,
Mark Heard, for both. Closer to the Light was written for Heard, after his

Jerry Frady says:

@csjackson97 lol. It’s pronounced co- burn. With a long O sound. Like Oh.

rcalliou says:

I like that even though he has this big perceived status by the masses as a
rock icon it hasn’t gone to his head so much that he performs the theme
song to the children’s animated show “Franklin” and its a catchy tune too!

gtrrobster says:

one of the greatest for sure! Excellent writer, great fingerpicker and
arranger…and a super cool dude. I remember meeting him on the back
loading dock after a show in Ann Arbor in about 97….had just begun the
John hurt fingerpicking thing, and he was very humble and patient in
talking about how to go about learning how to do it ‘it’s all in getting
the thumb to go back and forth ‘ he said. Little did I realize how great a
player he was at the time, nor how long it would take to get it.

Michael Lindberg says:

@deanerspace1231 He’s just jamming but the changes are to his tune Open on
You’ve Never seen Everything

Shawn Bradley says:

He,s got an unreal amount of talent, always liked his stuff.

Lizzy2Morgan says:

you are right gmt. As a (primitive by BC standards) player, I got a huge
chuckle out of Bruce’s “and the fingers throw in some ‘other stuff’
comment. Oh that’s it Bruce, I just gotta “throw in some other stuff”!! He
is my hero, though – A great player, great songwriter, great poet, and
great human being.

breaddheadd says:

I have heard that story before; though Phil Keagy has not confirmed it.
Phil Keagy does indeed rock.

artvandelay13 says:

i LOVE down to the delta!! it’s so beautiful, and deep lake is one of the
most tranquil, relaxing pieces of music i’ve ever heard…

wahwahpuddle says:

i know

gorillabelly1 says:

You must be Canadian, eh? :-)

TorontoLarrivee says:

@doctorbeethelawyer Love Cockburn’s guitar playing, but I’m afraid this
story is almost certainly an urban legend. It began in the 1960s with an
apocryphal Tonight Show interview, where Hendrix is subbed for Van Halen
and Phil Keaggy is subbed for Cockburn in your story. As the story applies
to Cockburn, 50% of the time people cite Clapton instead of Van Halen. It
seems like the kind of pull quote that True North records would have seized

dreaminsleepin says:

Great guitar player. but what an unfortunate last name

Dave Fry says:

He is the best, in my opinion, his mastery of guitar, his songs -mixing
spirituality and politics (no easy trick), and his unerring artistry. I get
the same chills when I hear a new album from him, like when Rubber Soul
came out.

musicman70707 says:

Oh Canada! I’m from the deep South USA but have always thought the
Canadians really have something going on. Such great music!

1Geronimodeleon says:

@doctorbeethelawyer: lol, what a funny quote! Thanks for passing it along.

sammycircle says:

Eddie Van Halen , In An Interview For Rolling Stone Magazine, Was Once
Asked How It Felt To Be The Best Guitar Player In The Buisness And He

cravinbob says:

And what is the opposite of Jacks on? (just havin a little fun with ya)

fiddlinhoss says:

What a sweet sounding guitar, I just can’t figure out what brand it is.

tarkineWild says:

More please!!!!

deanerspace1231 says:

is the song he’s playin at the start have a name? or is it just him jammin?

Dawn Threader says:

I know when I was younger in College we were all studying Music and alot of
us showed up at his concert and I was sitting right behind a Classical
player and he was Like How the heck is he doing this and I am like wow I
dunno know I cant even keep up with it now that I am a lil older I have a
solid style but he is dead on all the time timing is amazing and triplet
notes everywhere beautiful Musician He was one of my main in spirations

Xeno426 says:

@doctorbeethelawyer I’ve heard it elsewhere that it was Eric Clapton that
said that. I’d really like to see the original source.

cholmis58 says:

I agree with J.B. I said last time we heard B.C. play solo, “When we closed
our eyes it sounded like a four men orchestra”

Michael Lindberg says:

and the fingers throw in some other stuff… ha sick

John Duvernell says:

Rockin guitar work!!! I subbed. Please check out my wicked wild metal songs
and sub back if you are into it. From, JD

EwolDJ says:

@doctorbeethelawyer – Eddie is no fool. Thanks for sharing this juicy
snippet, doctor bee. I’d like to hear some outstanding lyricist say the
same thing (Waits, Mitchell, Dylan, Browne, among others). I’m sure they
all doff their hats to him. Apart from Dylan, I don’t think he has the
expressive vocal power of those artists, though he’s a good singer.

Michael Dewey says:

cool jackson

Tai Mason-McCrea says:

Its not an urban legend, he actually said that.

blaughla says:


gtrrobster says:

I thought that is what Hendrix answered…saying “I don’t know. You should
ask Phil Keagy.”

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