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Musiclily Dual Hot Rail Blaster Humbucker Pickups for Fender Strat Squier Electric Guitar,White body with chrome rails


Thanks Bob and Mike’s great reviews: Bob: * One coil starts with white and finishes with red, the other starts with green and finishes with black * the Red and Green go together and get capped off (tape, shrink wrap, etc..). (In old version is black one for green) * The Black and the cable shield go together and connect to ground. * The White is “hot” and goes to your switch, where the previous p’up connected. I’ve used several of these p’ups and all have been wired the same way. Yours should come out of the wrapper with black/shield twisted together and red/green twisted together. Just give them and extra shot of solder to make sure they’re making good contact. Then, connect as I said above and you’ll be rocking in no time. For future reference, you can figure this out pretty quickly if you have an old school analog multi-meter. A humbucker is just two single coils stuck together. So, you have start and finish of one single coil and start and finish on the other. Connect finish of one to the start of the other, and you are left with one pair of start-finish. One of those goes to ground, the other is to hot (to your switch in the strat). Of course, it matters *which* goes to ground or to the switch (it will work either way, but sounds better the *right* way). To get it really right, you need to ID positive and negative for each wire and that depends on the magnets and the winding. This guy does a decent job of showing you how to use a multi-meter to ring out pretty much any humbucker: Mike: Regarding wiring the pickups into the Strat, I used the following diagram from Seyour Duncan with success:

Product Features

  • Standard Single coil size,but it is Humbucker,you can install it in a Fender Strat/Squier straightly or Tele guitar with a modification.
  • 4 Conductors,white body, chrome dual rails. The pickup has four wires so it can be splittable.
  • For the wiring mapping, you can find it down the page or in Mike B review and Robert Johnson “Bob” reviews and comment. Thanks them!
  • Quiet pickup with 10Kohm resistance high output, please see the reviews for the tone feeling.
  • Please install it carefully,base on reviews, the plastic part is easy to break.

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jerkowitz says:

YA! I bought these pickups based on reviews and to replace on a custom made Strat style guitar that had thin sounding vintage wind pickups. I actually purchased 6 of them to have two complete sets, for the price it wasn’t going to be a lot to gamble. 13 days later they arrived, not bad for halfway around the world. I took an ohm reading for each pickup, each were a bit over 10K which was expected according to the reviews. While I was installing the pickups I replaced the 250 K pots with 500K so I…

William R. Manson says:

Great drop in for single coil – more crunch and volume! 0

BrotherJack says:

Sounds AWESOME, but be careful when installing, plastic bits are flimsy and easy to break. EDITED Feb 2015 – revised to positive review because (read below):I originally gave this a 2 star review because a corner bit on the plastic cover that wraps around the rails broke when i was going to install it, so I never installed it at that time. I still contend, that the plastic bits should be sturdier so as not to break when I accidentally bump pickup into pick guard while installing (it was a solid ‘bump’, but not anything I would have expected to break a pickup cover!)…

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