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Musiclily Dual Hot Rail Blaster Humbucker Humbucking Pickups for Fender Stratocaster ST Tele Strat Squier Electric Guitar,White body with black rails


Product Features

  • Standard Single coil size,but it is Humbucker,you can install it in a Fender Strat/Squier straightly or Tele guitar with a modification.
  • Conductors,the pickup has four wires so it can be splittable.For the wiring mapping, you can find it down the page or in Mike B review and Robert Johnson “Bob” reviews and comment. Thanks them!
  • Quiet pickup with 10Kohm resistance high output, please see the reviews for the tone feeling.Please install it carefully,base on reviews, the plastic part maybe easy to break.
  • Material: alloy
  • Size:83.6*24.6*20.4MM; Package Includes: 1 x guitar pickup

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Anonymous says:

First the bad. These pickups are a pain to install. They are too big to fit in any single coil pick guard I could find without enlarging the holes with sandpaper. I took my best guess with the wiring. My set came with the white and green wires soldered together, and the black and bare wires soldered together, with red as hot. This doesn’t match the various descriptions found here about the wiring, and it doesn’t match the diagram on the Musiclily website which has a picture that includes a…

Anonymous says:

UPDATE: after exchanging for a new one it works great! Since the pick ups are pretty hot I keep them pretty low to the pick guard. WIRING: black – ground, green/shield – hot (to switch), red and white – soldered and taped together.After installing they work but have very low volume compared to my other stock pickups. I followed the directions that were said on the site. I even have them as close as possible to the strings without buzzing. Also, they are way too hot sounding. I’m…

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