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Mike Dawes – The Impossible – Solo Guitar

CD – ‘What Just Happened?’ is the long awaited debut album from English guitarist Mike Dawes available at Check ou…

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Anakin Sepherd says:

hell of a guitarist he is!!

sany miah says:

সূর্যের ফালিতে মিশে থাকা ধুলোর মতো একেক তারের সুর, আমার গোধূলি পর্যন্ত
গিয়ে মিশে আনন্দ-আক্ষেপের বার্তা নিয়ে……… 

John Doe says:

You might like this

Denis Dion says:

créativité… ingéniosité… Bravo, un artiste qui mérite toute notre
attention !!!

Codiablee says:

Sounds like diablo 2 music.

DONawshad says:

At this point there are 177 people that are jealous of Dawes. Great piece !
I like it. :-)

Daniel van Niekerk says:

“Using one’s guitar to the best of one’s ability” is an understatement.
And, I assume this is done on a standard tuning (or drop D), just with a 5
string capo on fret 4. If so, doing this *without* a alternate tuning is
something to really look up to. Although this performance might not be as
long as John Butler’s “Ocean” – where you start getting bored at the 8th
minute – it is still some of the best guitar skills that I’ve seen in a
*long* time. And these that say that he’s got no timing and/or no melody
writing/improvisation abilities, go check “Mike Dawes – Boogie Slam” from
the 3:06th minute. And, while you’re at it, stop placing comments like our
old friend Mike Kenneth Devine.

Joe Ruf says:

this song blows

Cody Bigler says:

I wish I could apply myself to anything like he applied himself to being a

g0atBallz420 says:

this is my favorite video

Burnt Brian says:

I really love this styling of finger picking incorporating percussion.
Awesome song! Huge thumbs up

Raymond Peck says:

I’ve listened to a bunch of the Candyrat stuff, but Mike Dawes is the first
one that really captures some of the spirit, rather than just the
technique, of the great Michael Hedges. Wonderful stuff. Thank you!

mehrnaz eslamirad says:

<3 :*

Tilbily says:

Really enjoyed this. I’ll never be able to play like this, but it is fun to
watch guitarist like Dawes and Peppino D’agostino work their majic.

sarah wangpitak says:

Mike Dawes – The Impossible – Solo Guitar:

Wow!!! Impressed to hear this guitar. Have to stop everything to listen
until the song ends.

Stuff says:

Not sure how I got here but this guy is awesome!

Zachary Buckingham says:

u suck at life!!!! and guitar!

Timaaah says:

that is pretty damn impressive!its earth music man,let music spread peace
and love in these troubled times we all share!!one good thing about music
when it hits you feel no pain..One love!

jorgealva100 says:

excelente ademas de buena tecnica un bello sonido de guitarra y armonicos

Andrew Parker says:

wtf is wrong with 219 ppl? hypnotic playing! like the little finger scrape
thing too!!!!!!!!!

Jesus Christ says:

You are to the guitar as dumbledore is to magic.

NoLife Bros. says:

Passion flower by jon gomm is much more impossible than this

derek carter says:

ahh what a pleasant journey!

Brandon Russell says:

I feel bad because probably 90% of the dislikes didnt stay past that
beginning, I myself at first was like WTF but I’m happy I kept listening..
Good Shit dude. Two Thumbs Up!

IKHLS channel says:

This style of playing has roots in the work of m. Hedges. As yet there is
no name 4 it. Would I b wrong in calling this MILLENIAL GUITAR?
We have most elements of music at the fingertip of 1 player: R.M.H.

Mike Danley says:

I’m wondering if he was influenced by Phil Keaggy?

Sam Man says:

Love the eastern European sound.

Aberinkulas says:

No fucking way, holy SHIIIIIIIIIIIT

Paul Anninos says:

what kind of guitar is that?

harrison ayres says:

it was amazing when Mike Dawes did a master class at my music college, he
is even better in person then on video 

DeadtiredFastasleep says:

The melody reminds me of a song by Gordian Knot.

yobrojoost says:

Wonderful playing, lovely tune! :)

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