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Metallor Humbucker Pickups Bridge and Neck Set for Les Paul P90 Style Electric Guitar. (CR)


A pair of brand new high quality pickups. Humbucker sized P90 retrofit guitar pickups.

This fantastic humbucker sized P90 pickup is a straight drop in fit to your existing humbucker mount rings so you can have the clarity and big fat single coil sound with the minimum of modifications.

A bright chrome metal housing surrounds the black pickup face with six adjustable pole pieces. The neck has a string span of 50mm across the poles and the bridge measures 52mm across the pole pieces.

The bridge measures 8k with an inductance of 4H and the neck measures slightly lower at 7.5k and 3.7H inductance.

You can also see the frequency response graph plotted for the pickup. Please note the slight eddy current effect in the pickup happening just before the main super elevation of its main frequency peak. This graph helps explain a little what makes so many players just Love the tone of our P90 pickup.

Both come with nice long leads for wiring up LP and SG style and are supplied with height springs and screws.

These 90’s are opposed wound so that when you are using both together they operate in hum cancelling / humbucking mode.

Metallor pickups use ceramic magnets as these are even brighter than Alnico V or III, and in higher output pickups to help counterbalance the treble lost by the higher resistance (remember higher resistance means more midrange, but less highs if you’re using Alnico).

The face of each pickup is covered with a clear protective film which needs to be removed prior to playing.

These get the most fantastic reviews from guitarists of all genre and have been used to ‘lift’ many an expensive guitar that is lacking in tone and clarity. Have a check around the various guitar forums to see what players have to say about these rather than just take our word for it.

Product Features

  • Set of neck and bridge pickups, with hardware.
  • Ceramic bar magnet pickup.
  • Bridge resistance: 8.0k; Inductance: 4.5H; Neck resistance: 7.5k; Inductance: 3.7H;
  • Pole spacing is about 52mm on the bridge pickups and 50mm on the neck pickups.
  • Sound great and perfect for an upgrade or replacement on any guitar that has P90 style pickups.

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Anonymous says:

I bought a set of these. The string spacing was the proper 50mm for the neck and 52mm for the bridge. The N pickup measured around 7.4 ohms and the B about 7.7 ohms. I only used the neck pickup installed on my 2019 Squier Telecaster. Perfect fit with the proper $9 humbucker routed pickguard here on Amazon. The 50mm string spacing was perfect.Nice full sound. Breaks up nicely and really fills up a thin telecaster sound.Absolutely no extra noise or hum at all…

Anonymous says:

I got these to put in my first guitar build from a kit. Honestly I was quite impressed!Pros:1. Very quiet2. Cleans are very clear you can hear each note of the chord.3. High gain sound is decent as well however, I’m going to use an invader pick up in the bridge for that4. The price is UNBEATABLE!5. Humbucker sized, fit without an issue (I modified an HSS so you can see the pickguard cut out…

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