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| Metallica | Welcome Home (Sanitarium) – Guitar solos (HD 1080p)

This is my cover of all the guitar solos in Metallica’s song Welcome Home (Sanitarium). All the four solos of the song are covered, along with some little im…

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Villiam Poulsen says:

You are so talented !

blake d says:

damn, this was really cool. little too much on effects for the intro on the
electric guitar (in my opinion) but this was really awesome

Mike Perez says:

just want to tell you 2 things… first your playing is badazz high rate
great player.
2nd Im just curious… you are using top of the line equipment drums,
piano, expensive guitars… how can you afford all this expensive

Jorge Rodriguez says:

Best cover,ever!


The beatifulest cover ever!

kraa sten says:

holy crap dude

Lucas Batista says:

Have you ever heard DEATH MAGNETIC? I don’t thing so maggot

samymasta says:

Lmfao,and you sir stinks the ignorance,my comment was constructive,yours is
nothing but just some angry words,therefore you are the only asshole
here.Get lost.

Chad Adams says:

Subscribe to my channel please and nice guitar cover dude

X Saizo says:

multi talent

Chrissi E. says:


Christopher Zion says:

You are so good, You put so much work into this and I bet it paid off. Good

pyrohippyx says:

this cover deserves a second comment. awesome video mate. beautiful

samymasta says:

I do actually.Still I hold the same opinion on Metallica,you failed.

MrNydoxic says:

Amazing :O

Lucas Batista says:

You sir are an asshole

RockStar7563 says:

pretty awesome

Seamus McFlanery says:

Now do a Megadeth cover. Either a Chris Poland or Marty Friedman song.

pyrohippyx says:

nice cover man check out my guitar covers on my channel please rate and

fu3i says:


Atilla Alperen Ünlü says:

Level = Asian

Alexander Dang Nguyen says:

- The red-burst guitar is an ESP LTD MH-327 – The les paul guitar is a
Vintage V100 guitar – The tiger-striped guitar is a Jackson USA SL1T
Soloist guitar – Yellow Bengal version – The acoustic guitar is a Walden
Natura D550CE

Suli- emo says:

hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha fucking hahahhaha

Crismet89 says:


Harout Bezdjian says:

Dude, this is AWESOME! .. well done Alex D.N :)

ssimo05 says:

FUCK!! asians they can do evrything!!!!

xDrummerJx says:

When I first saw play the piano and guitar I thought “hey this guy pretty
talented” and then I saw you start playing the drums as well, and my jaw
would not shut. You are a VERY talented musician! Keep up the good work :)

ibanezrd says:

great job, they’ve always been some of my favorite “classic” Kirk solos,
all of them are great in just one song, and they way you made the video is
awesome… what kinda camera do u have? slr?

G4MiiNGTRiiCKZZ says:

can u tell me all the guitars in this video?

Ram Srinivas says:

Wow, you do have a lot of guitars. Anyways, awesome cover :) Very well
played, and good video too!

PancakeBox says:

Really liked this man, you’re awesome!

Northenlord says:

Good job, keep it up!

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