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Metallica Guitar Solo Compilation

Guitar solos from 20 Metallica covers. 1. The Four Horsemen – 0:15 – 2. Jump In The Fire – 1:47 – 3. …

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Christopher Prado says:

This is the most beautiful guitar on Youtube.

winterkhan says:

the best is Ride The Lightning, totaly fantastic and extreme, never
enjoyed so much this song, and worst is of course Death Magnetic-That

xxDunkOrDiexx says:

should’ve included Day that Never Comes

Alex Didier says:

Great tone, man. It’s not over saturated and sounds amazing. Are you
using computer software? If so, what kind?

SzanujCzerwień says:

This is perfect playing. now i can clearly see how mad was Kirk with his
solos in the past ;d incredible skills.

Dheni Firmansyah says:

Finally I can see someone playing pure Hammett riffs… Great melody!!!!

DereMemo says:

You should cover some Black Sabbath with that SG ! You can start with
Symptom of the Universe :)

Eren YGC says:

Böyle parmağa böyle gitar. Mınaki

Marijan Barać says:


Godspeed961 says:

14:15 how do the harmonics ?

Josip Hawk says:

If Kirk ever quit Metallica you should go on audition :D

Chinmay Sawarkar says:

hey! can you let me know the settings for that tone? I am running on a Line
6 spider IV (15W) jacked into a pod XT live. thanks!

Luis Gustavo Alves Ribeiro says:

You’re a true inspiration, thanks for sharing. Awesome technique, and yet
appears to be a humble player, not showing up with many different guitars
and fancy instruments.

Godspeed961 says:

love the tone ! and playing !

nehuen riquelme says:

16:48 :)

Romi Mo says:

Perfect!!! Super!!!

NicolasFeelipe says:

you used an electroacustic guitar for nothing else matters.. why? :o

TheVoiceThatSpeaks says:

This is amazing it blew me away! :O you are so talented 

faus80 says:

maan, this is awesome

Diego Coronel says:

Flojito One

swimtothebloom says:


Mariusz K says:

only 667 views? wtf?! This shit is great!

Gustavo Villalba says:

What is your Guitar? my english is a crap

LorisMasta17 says:

At 12:27 it’s supposed to be a bass solo

Adam DiBenedetto says:


Shane Kiser says:


Brian Nello says:

Hellz yeah! Someone has been PRACTICING!!! :)

Zeka Spalcev says:

Man, you are such a pro :)

Reza Risdiana says:

damn… i’ve got to create google account to like this post. never did
before. desperate to like this post. u got one from me…^_^ keep up the
good work

aldelta19 says:

you melt my face. also, kirk hammett is a badass

Stefan Palazov says:

guitar god

plomope says:

This is amazing!

Marveh says:

This deserves so many more views! Out of interest what interface and/or DI
box are you using? Keep up the awesome playing man :)

matreyu44 says:

you have SKILLS!!

Paul-Ove Eidem says:

Epic! Thank you so much! Now a little request, please do a cover of
unforgiving. :-)

Paprikodlak's Music says:

Very nic.
I like these videos, because it’s sometimes very helpful to see someone
else’s fingering.

ahmed mustafa says:


alejo llano says:

a monster, master!

swanthewhitepig says:
neptali pascual says:


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