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Martin SP 7100 Phosphor Bronze Lifespan Coated Acoustic Strings Light


Rich tone should last as long as the inspiration does. Martin SP Lifespan strings are the next level in studio performance. Treated for long life, they repel dirt, grit and other environmental elements that can quickly alter the sound of your strings. The treatment is so incredibly thin, you won’t even know it’s there. SP Lifespans are designed to last longer and sound better so you can play on!

Product Features

  • Designed to repel the oils and dirt that can deaden strings
  • Bright, but slightly warmer sound than 80/20 bronze when first put on the guitar
  • Recommended for lead rock, blues, and folk styles
  • Gauge (light): 12-16-25-32-42-54

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Anonymous says:

Bene playing for 25 years and I keep coming back to these. I love these strings.

Anonymous says:

Superior Performance

Anonymous says:

Bought these for my first self re-string, and learned the hard way that these actually come shorter than some strings–you’ll have plenty of room to wind these around the pegs, but be careful not to string these too tight initially. Only wind these as far as your guitar allows, and DO NOT force them. Broke my top E string this way. Otherwise, these strings feel and look great. You may want to buy an extra set if you’ve never done a re-string on your own. They’re a great price, and worse case…

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