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Martin Smith W-401E-WHT Electric Acoustic Guitar Cutaway, White


An absolutely ideal Electric Acoustic for novice players, the Martin Smith 401E Series is perfectly suited for guitarists who have perhaps just started gigging and require an acoustic to plug straight into an amplifier or mixing desk. Available in either a black or white finish, these great guitars offer incredible value-for-money, with a stunning finish and impressive playability. These guitars come in a beautifully designed cutaway style, this means this guitar not only looks good, it is comfortable and easy to play! The Martin Smith 401E sounds equally beautiful when plugged in, with sweet, acoustic tones and great volume projected from the large folk body. Highly recommended for players who are looking for a versatile electric acoustic guitar that sounds great either strummed or finger-picked, these fantastic guitars are one of our most popular guitars, especially with students and adults alike. the jack input for this guitar is in the end pin where you attach the guitar strap to at the bottom of the guitar.

Product Features

  • Stylish Cutaway Design
  • Built-in Transducer
  • Pearl Inlay Decals
  • High Gloss Finish
  • Includes Strap, Picks and Spare Strings

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Amazon Customer says:

Not so much.. It looks pretty… but mine came pretty flawed. You can’t raise the action enough to make the bridge comfortable. Replacing the strings didn’t help either. The first set was definitely garbage. The replacement strings that came with the guitar weren’t noticibly better. The bridge is lifting off the body which is causing it to bubble, very noticibly upon opening the packaging. Again, it looks nice.. it was contained well enough to not have scratches on it but, there was a crack in the body which…

Thomas D. Thompson says:

Great for $29.99 I unboxed it. I was amazed at how pretty it is. (I have the black one.) I tunned it up and handed it to my adult son. He ripped out some freakin jam like a pro. I played with it. For $29.99 Its a good starter guitar or a great travel guitar. I went a few placws and tood this guitar and did not fear breaking it. Some of the details up close are sloppy but then I am a craftsman and noticed the same thing with my $350K house. I would recommend this thing to anyone just starting out or if you need…

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