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Martin OMCPA4 vs GPCPA4 vs DCPA4 – What’s the best acoustic guitar

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Ginés Arteta Millán says:

I don’t know if someone’s asked this before but which body is smaller the
OMC or GPC?? Thanks.

1956chip says:

As stated, the OMC is the smallest of the three with the GPC being slightly
larger than the OM.

David Maclean says:

Ok, so, I recently purchased the GPCPA4, my first Martin and like it a lot.
Great sounding and the neck is very quick and easy to play. I have been
playing hard for two weeks and have noticed some pain in my left hand
especially on the index finger first knuckle. I noticed that the neck is
somewhat wider at the nut than I am used to and am whether that has
anything to do with it. Hopefully this is like working in a new pair of
shoes but I am wondering whether anyone else has dealt with this.

QuickSlashHD says:

Maton EBG 808TE. The only really great acoustic guitar!

MeepTheRobot says:

Can you do a comparison just like this between the 5th PA series
guitars(OMCPA5, GPCPA5 and DCPA5)?

Gyrkin says:

No, they do NOT all feature Sapelle… there are also Rosewood, Siris, etc.
You lost credibility with me from that error on.

Greg Campbell says:

Strum simple chords*

EddieGtrman says:

Here’s my biggest question: The richlite neck and the tiny frets – has
anyone had any issues with them? Or had to have the frets dressed yet? My
biggest concern is there’s virtually no room if any fret work needs done.
I’ve been looking for an affordable (preferably) Martin to take on the road
for an artist tour. I don’t want to spend 2k to beat something up on the
road, but this neck material and tiny frets …can someone put my mind at
ease about them? Or do I keep looking? Thanks!

art4meonly says:

There’s no “BEST” acoustic. It all relies to personal taste…For me I like
the GPCPA4 the most. I agree with nate speckin, that this guitar is quite
cheap for what it offers – it’s quite rare to find such a mid range price
guitar that delivers such quality sound. If you want the best deal, go for
the GPCPA4. I’m not a salesman or something, I’m just a kid who’s about to
buy his first Martin :)

Daniel Ernesto says:

i think the GPCPA

rrrrockin says:

2:26 nice doodly doo man

Jim Acee says:

Ive had the om for awhile now and i love it. Its fit for almost every style
of playing. The video really doesnt give the sound that it deserves. If you
like playing on stage i really recommend it. The grand preformance size
sounded a little muddy to me when i played it.

nate speckin says:

Oh and all solid tonewoods…

chopinplaya says:

What kind of strings are you using here? Stock or something else?

Jack Lee says:

Gpcpa is better!

Daniel Perlin says:

It seemed to me that when fingerpicking the best sounding one was OM, GP
and DC in order. Then when strumming, DC, GP and OM

kenjizo says:

I feel the OM souded the best here =) what about u guys?

lozloz99 says:

I’m looking to buy a Martin soon & this video is great. I had my heart set
on the 0M shape but after hearing the GPCPA4 I think it sounds best – sits
in the middle & in my opinion makes the OM sounds a bit ‘boxy’ & ‘tinny’.
For me the GP has the best of both worlds – now I just need to find a
dealer who stocks them – a bit of a challenge in regional NSW Australia!!

marlon rey Badua says:

Great review.. Can you please do a reviewe on gpcpa4 rosewood vs the gpcpa4
siris and sapele.. Thank you..

Felix Bürgel says:

nothing beats my D-28. THAT’s my humble opinion!

YOUYOU47110 says:

I think fingerstyle without a thumb pick gives a boomy sound (unless played
with the nail) I’d like to hear it done WITH thumb pick. In this comparison
I prefer by far the OM.

Keith Rogers says:

I have a GPCPA4 and I wouldn’t call the frets “tiny” by any measure.
They’re not like my Les Paul’s frets, of course, but they’re not “vintage”
either. They’ve actually got a fair amount of height, and could be
redressed several times before fret replacement is something to consider.

FlyingMonkey415 says:

You notice the real difference between the models in person and hears how
loud each model really is. I personally prefer dreadnoughts because the
larger body allows you to push a bigger sound through them for unplugged

Terrance Hill says:

Three rock bottom priced Martins. The “blue collar” Martin so to speak,
because of it’s affordability. Sapele is substitued for mahogany on the
sides and back, high density plastic Martins calls Richlite, the neck is
speced. as “a select hardwood material” the bridge is listed as made of
black Richlite, the top is listed as “solid Sitka Spruce” the model
designation is the Martin DCPA4 with Fishman F1 analog.The MAP price is
listed at $1,249 Guitar Center raises it to $1,649 on sale at $1,249

MrAbah105 says:

good review sir… Sir can you help me, What’s acoustic guitar used by
slash when he perform with Myles Kennedy – in [Max Sessions – Acoustic]
show… Thanks before

Crooks PlaysYT says:

Of all the notes to end on in round 3 why an open G7th? ick lol

Toby Noble says:

could we hear some plugged in sounds please?

Daniel Drummond says:

Man, thanks a lot for your review!!! Regards from Brazil!

Ryan Johnston says:

whats the difference between solid rosewood and sapele?

Kostas1601 says:


frogindeed says:

Question of preference. I thought the OM sounded a bit cheap. With a pick
(which is what I use 90% of the time) I didn’t find a hell of a big
difference between the GP and the D; they both sound great.

SleepyBridgeTroll says:

Whats your favorite guitar?

Neal Pender says:

I like the looks of the GP but the sound of the Dread a bit better. I’d own
either one, but I’d have to pick based on sound, thus Dread it would be.

JesucristoTeAmaMas says:

Acabo de comprar la OMCPA4 Rosewood y suena mucho más profunda con bajos
bien marcados mas el brillo del Sitka spruce. Mucho mejor que las con Sapele

Craig Osborne says:

Very very similar with the OM & Grand Performer and they are both better
than the Dreadnaught

rhettco52 says:

I like the sound of the GP here….which is funny because I own the OMCPA4.
It definitely comes down to individual guitar. I tried all 3 extensively in
the store before pulling the trigger on the OM. It just sounded the best
out of the 3 models in the store, and I liked the smaller size, and look of
the OM. The GP I played in the store was my least favorite. So just goes to
show :)

M-Rick says:

Just bought my OMCPA4 in NYC yesterday and brought it back to France…
Trust me it sounds amazing, can’t wait to test in plugged on stage. US made
Martins sound just incredible, you can find many different sounds, so
you’ll find yours !

matmatg21 says:

The OMPC4 was warmer, more natural than the others. otherwise great review
I love it :)

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