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M150 80/20 Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings, Medium


M150 80/20 bronze medium guitar strings are high-quality strings made to withstand the grind of daily use. Core and wrap wires must meet strict requirements in order to make the grade and are wound to precise specifications to give you a better experience.

Product Features

  • 80/20 Bronze
  • 181.1 tension
  • Gauges: 13 | 17 | 26 | 35 | 45 | 56

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Fran of Atlanta says:

Husband has been using these strings for years! These Martin strings were purchased as a stocking stuffer for Christmas.My husband has an Ovation acoustic/electric “Glen Campbell” model guitar.He has used this particular string for years and finds that it has the best sound and feel for this guitar.He also has a Gibson acoustic guitar and uses this string on it as well.The service was very fast from this company. I am very pleased.

Brent Hilton says:

Great Guitar Strings Martin I’ve got to say that these are wonderful strings for the money, punchy and bright tone that sounds great. i’ve tried different strings and gauges, but thought i’d try these out when i was overhauling my acoustic guitar with new tuning keys (grovers) . i knew i need some new strings to go with it, in the past i went with a light gauge but then i realized i didn’t really like that gauge and decided to get these medium bronze strings from martin. they are winners , my only complaint would be the…

Pete says:

Too stiff for my liking…. I bought these to restring an older Martin. I typically use D’Addario light strings but, since it was an older Martin, I wanted to keep it more original. The Martin mediums may have been the mistake; perhaps I should have chosen the lighter guages. At any rate, these seemed really stiff. They sound good but will wear you out. Make sure its what you want before you get them…..I would recommend them for a person who knows how stiff they are and needs that kind of sturdy…

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