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Luke Brindley of Jammin’ Java fame Sets up a Kickstarter Campaign – The Devil’s Drum and Symbus


By: Rick Landers

For many music enthusiasts in the DC-MD-VA region, Jammin’ Java is one of the best venues to get to for top end live music and open mics. As one of the founder’s of Jammin’Java, musician and entrepreneur, Luke Brindley, has invested his time and many talents to help the area grow into one of the better stops for touring artists and up and coming local performers.


Luke Brindley

Along with his business acumen, Luke has not only a knack, but a genuine talent, for crafting songs that have solid, and cool, hooks that grip and keep listeners mesmerized.

Recently, Luke Brindley decided to go the Kickstarter route to help fund two planned albums, with many of the tracks he’s written and tested with the locals, and friends of his and at he and his brothers’ fine venue, where you’ll find such well-known artists as, Adrian Belew, Chuck Prophet, Tony MacAlpine, Marshall Crenshaw, Patty Larkin and many more.

Let’s hear the “skinny” on his Kickstarter Campaign from Luke, himself!


Hello! I am recording and releasing two new albums this year – The Devil’s Drum – an album of songs – and Symbus – an album of fingerstyle guitar music. I am using Kickstarter as a way to offer pre-orders, raise funds for the recording and release, and as an opportunity for you to be a part of the creative process.

“I tend to approach each album I make differently. For The Devil’s Drum, my goal was to have both the words and guitar parts stand on their own and to record the songs mostly live in the studio with a stripped-down band – guitar, voice, upright bass (Scott Mulvahill), keys (Kit Karlson), and drums (Nate Read).

I wrote about 75 songs for The Devil’s Drum and with the help of my wife, Rebecca, I settled on the final track list.

The songs on The Devil’s Drum touch on mostly “big” topics like mortality, war, our search for meaning, family, and Love. As Leonard Cohen said, “they’re tunes that can survive my critical examination – it has to satisfy the heart and the mind and the gut.”

I hope these songs inspire and connect with you.


The guitar has always been my first love and my life has revolved around it in one way or another since I was a teenager. I have always interspersed solo fingerstyle guitar music in my concerts and recordings.

I believe Symbus showcases a focus on melody and composition and the spirit of what my informal mentor, El McMeen, calls “the singing guitar”. Obviously, the guitar (6-string, Dobro, 10-string, and 12-string) are at the heart of the recordings, but through this Kickstarter, I hope to be able to afford to have some special guest musicians as well.

Life is short, but…music is one of the things that makes it wonderful.

Thank you for your support – it is valued beyond measure!

Risks and challenges

Assuming we hit our goal, we anticipate the two albums to be released in December 2019. All supporters will receive the music before it is released to the public.”

For a taste of Luke’s talent check out this video of his song “Coyote” from his CD, “An Invitation to Joy”.

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